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You need top talent to join your team – fast. But bottlenecks are slowing things down.

Accelerate the process of connecting with best-fit candidates.

Accelerate hiring with AI recommended candidates, automation for candidate screening and scheduling, and communication tools for real-time hiring team alignment.
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Three screengrabs of what fit scores look like within the Phenom recruiter experience platform based on skills, experience, and other inputs
Hiring may be a top priority, but it's not your primary job. Automate time-intensive tasks so you can stay focused on your team.
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Screengrab of interview management CRM features available within Phenom's Talent Experience Management platform on a transparent background
Identify and hire best-fit candidates based on potential, experience, and skills with fit scoring and matching criteria. Discover and fill team skills gaps, while developing and retaining your best employees.
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Three screenshots of candidate management features within the Phenom recruiter experience platform on a transparent background
Align on job descriptions, ideal candidate characteristics, must-have skills, and more to make stronger hiring decisions.
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Two examples of candidate evaluations and feedback within Phenom's AI-powered software on a transparent background
Hire on-the-go by identifying, screening, evaluating, and hiring candidates from desktop or mobile — anywhere, anytime.
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Built for Hiring Managers

  • Phenom Hiring Manager

    Manage your talent pipeline, provide updates throughout the interview process, and make hiring decisions with a single easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Phenom Video Assessments

    Accelerate your hiring with automated workflows for candidate screening. Evaluate candidates under consideration by your hiring team to make consistent, quality hires.

  • Phenom AI Scheduling

    Reduce manual coordination with recruiters using an automated interview calendar that effortlessly connects you with best-fit candidates for consideration.

  • Phenom Talent Analytics

    Uncover hiring trends including where candidates are being sourced from, their hiring stage, and how long it takes to hire.

How Hiring Managers Experience Phenom

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