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Tedious sourcing, screening, and scheduling tasks limit your team's ability to execute.

Bolster your talent pipeline with speed, efficiency, and intelligence.

Eliminate the time-consuming, manual process of parsing profiles and resumes to pinpoint hiring hopefuls. Using AI-powered candidate matching, identify and prioritize the top skills required of candidates to fill jobs faster.
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Example of explainable AI matching features powered by Phenom AI on a transparent background
Surface a tremendous number of potential candidates from public data sources, previous sourcing efforts, past applicants, and even current employees.
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Example of AI cloud sourcing within Phenom's Talent Experience Management platform on a transparent background
Create great experiences for candidates with personalized content that's relevant to their experience, skills, and more. In turn, watch candidate quality soar and save time for your teams.
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Screengrab of custom job recommendations from an AI-powered chatbot on a transparent background
Scale screening and get to know candidates on an entirely different level with the power of video. Work in tandem with hiring managers to establish the rationale you'll use and questions you'll ask to prioritize applicants for your openings.
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Screengrab of video assessment features available within Phenom's recruiter experience platform on a transparent background
Give valuable time back to your recruiting team so they can focus on what matters most: building candidate relationships. Automate the process of scheduling and rescheduling interviews for candidates and hiring managers.
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Screengrab of AI Scheduling features available within Phenom's recruiter experience on a transparent background
If you aren't collaborating closely with hiring managers throughout the hiring process, you're failing to find the right people. Streamline communication from a common location and seal the deal as one team once you've found the best fit.
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Two examples of candidate evaluations and feedback within Phenom's AI-powered software on a transparent background

Built for Talent Acquisition Teams

  • Phenom Career Site

    Facilitate a great candidate experience with a hyper-personalized career site. Improve conversion by teeing up relevant job recommendations that are based on skills, interests, and location.

  • Phenom Chatbot

    Powered by conversational AI, Chatbot saves your team valuable time by capturing leads, answering questions, automating screening and scheduling, and connecting talent with best-fit job opportunities.

  • Phenom CRM

    Enable TA professionals to build, engage, and track talent pipelines with candidate relationship management capabilities. Enhance productivity with AI through dynamic lists, actionable insights, and fit scoring.

  • Phenom Campaigns

    Make it possible for recruiters and talent marketers to customize and automate personalized campaigns that convert target candidates into applicants, faster.

  • Phenom SMS

    Support communication streams with candidates the way they prefer to keep in touch: through 1:1 text exchanges and popular messaging apps.

  • Phenom AI Scheduling

    Automate the process of scheduling and rescheduling interviews with potential hires, giving your team valuable time back to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Phenom Video Assessments

    Reduce the amount of time it takes for recruiters and hiring managers to screen, qualify, and hire talent – while affording a better candidate overall experience.

  • Phenom Talent Analytics

    Use real-time insights to see where leads are coming from, understand why applications are being completed, and know how your team's campaigns are performing.

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