Data-Driven Decision Making for Recruiting

It’s common for Talent Acquisition and HR teams to download data from their HR systems, dump it into spreadsheets, and then calculate lagging hiring metrics manually. But by using this method, you miss out on a much larger data story. Most talent acquisition teams don’t realize they can get much deeper analytics that will improve their overall hiring strategy.

Join us as we discuss a better way to uncover eye-opening insights into your entire candidate experience. During this webinar, learn more about how to find key information such as:

  • What channels are actually driving traffic to your career site?

  • Are all the pages on your career site really engaging job seekers?

  • Are candidates applying to jobs on a desktop or mobile device—and how does that affect your apply process?

  • How do tools that track end-to-end data take your recruiting efforts to the next level?

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