Recruiting for Diversity

Building a more diverse workforce isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s a requirement if businesses want to compete in the global economy. Teams that include people from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences are more innovative and productive. Why? One reason is they get out of the rut of groupthink—a phenomenon that occurs in homogenous groups, where the desire to conform keeps people from thinking creatively and taking calculated risks. A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group shows that organizations with above-average diversity increased their revenue by 19 percentage points. Yet, talent acquisition teams still struggle to build a diverse workforce. In this webinar, Phenom People’s Keca Ward, Director of Talent Acquisition, and Danielle White, Customer Success Manager, will discuss best practices to overcome biased hiring. Presented By: Keca Ward, Director of Talent Acquisition at Phenom People Danielle White, Customer Success Manager at Phenom People

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Keca Ward
Sr. Director, Talent Experience

Danielle White
VP Global Customer Engagement
Collaborative Solutions

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