Ali PollockJune 07, 2018
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10 Job Applications Later: My Internship Story

Although my journey as a marketer is just starting, my past experiences have lead me to an amazing company to spend my summer and not only learn, but grow into a more confident professional.


Currently, I am a senior attending the University of Delaware studying marketing and advertising. My journey at Delaware started well before I attended due to my sister also attending the same school. Because she went there, naturally as a younger sister, I had no intention of following in her footsteps. However, my mind quickly changed when I toured the campus my senior year of high school. As soon as I stepped foot on the school’s grounds, I knew that this was the perfect place to spend the next four years of my life.

Delaware has not only provided me the tools to grow as a marketer and student, but also afforded me the opportunity to express my passion for music. Week one of freshman year, I auditioned for an a cappella group on campus, The Deltones. Soon enough, these people became more than just a talented group of musicians, they developed into my family away from home. Every college student deserves to have an amazing group of friends and I’m so glad the Deltones are mine!

Ali Pollock and the Deltones

Why Phenom?

Starting my spring semester of sophomore year, I had an awesome opportunity to work with a local Delaware company called Bloom Daily Planners. I worked on their social media team for a year leading up to my internship with Phenom. While there, I gained so many skills working with social media which has improved my confidence to start working in different areas within marketing.

Ali Pollock

Thinking about the summer going into my senior year, I felt like it was time for a change and decided to search for jobs that would give me a different perspective on marketing. As a local from Ambler, PA, I searched for different marketing internships around the area, which was not as easy as I had thought. Ten applications later, I had only heard back from about three different companies. Phenom was the only one that consistently stayed in contact with me, sending updates on the status of my application, and made me feel important as an intern. Their application process made me confident that I would fit in with the atmosphere here.

I’m looking forward to learning about the HR and talent acquisition industry, the product, and all the marketing team has to offer! This opportunity will mold my skills for all future endeavors.

The Future

My whole life, I have wanted to work in the music industry. Once I started studying marketing in college, I constantly thought in the back of my mind how I could use my degree to wiggle my way into this industry. After working with Bloom, I realized that I don’t have to work in music to like what I do. The sky is really the limit for me!

With the experience I gain at Phenom this summer, I plan to have a better understanding of what and where I want to contribute my talents in marketing. Although the music industry will always be the dream, I can always fit my passion of singing and playing music on the side.

I only have a few days under my belt as a Phenom, but it’s already clear I’m going to learn from all the talented individuals that work here. The passion, interest, and drive that runs this company is so unique and I am so proud to be a part of it!

2018 Phenom People Interns

Ali Pollock

Ali is a Talent Marketing Specialist at Phenom People, where she helps create phenomenal candidate experiences. She also loves music and has been a singer/musician since she was 13.

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