How Phenom People Enhances the Candidate Experience for Workday Recruiting Users

Samantha Finken

Phenom People is a Workday Certified Select Partner for the candidate experience—and that’s no small feat. 

But what does that mean for Workday Recruiting users? It means we are one of the only solutions that not only provides you with a hyper-personalized career site to attract active and passive candidates, but we also help you nurture candidates and get better insights from your ATS data.

Your ATS is the heart of your talent acquisition workflows, but is there more you can be doing to attract and engage the best talent? Here are 3 key benefits to integrating the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform with Workday Recruiting: 

1. Increase applications with hosted apply. 

Candidates often abandon job applications if after hitting “apply” they are immediately thrown into an ATS that does not have the same look and feel as the career site they were just browsing. A clunky apply process not only inconveniences them, but it also signals that your company is stuck in the past. 

Hosted apply creates an unbroken candidate experience, so job seekers move seamlessly from your career site to the job application on your ATS. This increases application completions by 40%.

Phenom Apply Webpage

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2. Contact candidates efficiently without leaving Workday.

When you spend the majority of time in Workday, it can be a hassle to toggle between multiple platforms to contact top job seekers. Talk about a productivity blocker!

The Phenom Workday Chrome Extension is a micro-iteration of the Phenom candidate pipeline tool, allowing you to nurture candidates efficiently without ever leaving Workday. Easily prioritize job seekers, send email and SMS messages, forward recruiters to other team members, and assign candidates to new job requisitions or lists.

Screenshot of the Chrome Extension

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3. Access end-to-end hiring insights.

It can be intimidating, or at least time-consuming, to look at data reports and figure out what it all means. Your management team needs a simple way to view the data that actually matters.

With Phenom Talent Analytics, you'll get an end-to-end understanding of what is happening with your existing hiring strategy, including job distribution campaigns and the hiring funnel. More data is captured because both systems are mirroring information in real time—including candidate data from the hosted apply process and status information from your ATS—so you’re able to see the full picture.

Screenshot of Phenom Talent Analytics


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These are just some of the ways the Phenom platform + Workday Recruiting integration helps you attract and engage more quality talent in less time. Get a demo today to learn more!