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IAMPHENOM VX: Kaishon Holloway Talks Personal & Employer Brand

IAMPHENOM The Virtual Experience (IAMPHENOM VX) is comprised of 16 speakers from around the globe who will spread their knowledge around all aspects of HR and talent acquisition. Of those 16 is Indeed’s Global Brand Ambassador and Employer Brand Specialist, Kaishon Holloway. I sat down with him to pick his brain and learn more about what makes Kaishon, Kaishon.

Who is Kaishon?

Kaishon is a well-rounded and wholesome individual who, outside of Indeed, is passionate about the four F’s: fitness, fashion, food, and fabulosity - traveling to exotic new places and indulging in self-care at the spa. Taking good care of his personal wellness provides increased focus and energy. Kaishon loves meeting new people, telling Indeed’s employer brand story, and sharing how the company empowers its employees.

We are all people at the end of the day with more to us than what is written on paper. It is his mission to welcome those from all walks of life to tell their stories, helping to enrich and diversify Indeed’s employee base.

Kaishon's story is that he grew up in a rougher neighborhood in Connecticut where he worked hard throughout school to become the man he is today; ambitious, cultured, and an invaluable asset to Indeed’s team. He knew early on that he wanted to do more and be part of something bigger than himself which he wholeheartedly exercises in everything he does. He now currently resides in Stamford.

He received his Psychology degree from the University of Connecticut and has a knack for telling stories that entice people to take action. In addition to his psych studies, Kaishon is an avid theatre fanatic having played roles in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and premiered in a few TV shows.

As for what he expects to gain from IAMPHENOM VX is twofold;

  • Share the great things Indeed is doing to empower their employees to show who they are, what they like, and what they do outside of the workplace.
  • Learn from other panelists and speakers about how they tell their employees’ stories.

We finished our interview with a final question around his truths: through his life experience, what does he hold true to his morals, his core? For him, it was simply to be authentic. In addition to telling Indeed’s employer brand to prospective employees, Kaishon’s personal brand is to exude authenticity in every word and action and to never be ashamed of any of it.

“Authenticity is the bridge and connection to engagement. When you’re reaching out to people and trying to connect with them, if you’re coming from an authentic, genuine place, you can’t go wrong.” -Kaishon Holloway

To hear his ideas around employer branding and how to energize your employees to tell their personal stories, register for the virtual event on Wednesday, September 26th!

Derek Herman

Derek leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at Phenom People. He engages with Phenom customers to spotlight their stories in the media.

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