Ed NewmanMarch 30, 2017
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4 Advantages of Workday and Phenom People Integration

In my last post, I reviewed a brief history of the applicant tracking systems market and how Workday Recruiting is on the rise.

For anyone involved in the deployment of recruiting technology in the last decade, you know there's no shortage of products and solutions that can be integrated together. As a solution provider in the talent acquisition space, we have integrated our platform with dozens of different applicant tracking systems, HR specific systems, and other niche solutions. These integrations were met with varying levels of cooperation from the other parties involved, some work arounds, and a fair share of problem solving.

However, every once in a while you find an integration partner where everything just works. The products function as an extension of one another, and the total solution turns out to be this well-oiled machine - enhancing the products as a package, rather than individual parts of a solution.

As a member of the Workday Software Partner Program, we have completed many integrations between Phenom People and Workday Recruiting for clients who desire to go above and beyond the standard job portal functionality. The Phenom Hub creates a hyper-personalized candidate experience from job search through the entire application process, and it's all seamlessly integrated to Workday.

Here are 4 key advantages of a Workday Recruiting and Phenom People integration:

Unified Platform This term has been used loosely by many vendors over the years, most of them with multiple code bases and cobbled-together products from acquisitions. Workday is the quintessential unified platform where you can't even buy the recruiting module separately. It's only sold with their HCM base. While this might create some limitations in terms of deploying new features and functions, there is an incredible benefit by having cohesive and consistent data across the enterprise. After all, consistent and clean data is the foundation of successful integrations.

Global Scale There is nothing harder than trying to deploy a global solution and integrate with a product that has limited global capabilities. Both Phenom and Workday were built to scale globally, and are deployed in more than a hundred countries and 20+ languages.

Open Public APIs Workday has published an extensive set of public web services, allowing Phenom People to complete the entire integration using open APIs that are supported and compatible with each and every future release and upgrade.

Candidate Experience The biggest advantage is our ability to deliver a phenomenal candidate experience, and there is one Workday feature in particular that aligns very much with our philosophy of making the job search process more like a shopping experience.

When you shop for a product online, whether on Amazon or any other retailer's website, you can complete the purchase without setting up a user account. With Workday Recruiting, the candidate account registration process (known as Candidate Home) can be made optional. This means a candidate can apply to a job, and only set up an account if they intend to come back to check the status or apply to more positions. When the account creation step is not required, we have seen a significant increase in completed applications. Instead of 50 percent apply completions, we are seeing upwards of 85 to 95 percent.


Interested in seeing an example of a successful Workday Recruiting and Phenom People integration? Check out Citrix's careers page.

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