Kristina FinsethMarch 08, 2017
Topics: Candidate Experience

4 Candidate Nurture Campaigns Every Company Should Have

It's not just about reaching out to candidates when you have an opening. It's equally (if not more) important to nurture candidates in your talent pool even when you don't necessarily have a current opening for them.

Of course, you shouldn't just send spam messages to your talent pool. It's all about sending the right messages with the right content at the right time to the right candidates. Here are four types of candidate nurture campaigns every company should have in place, and why they are important.

Applicant Satisfaction Surveys Too often, companies focus on obtaining feedback from new hires after they've gone through the application, interview, and selection processes. What about the hundreds of applicants who weren't selected for that position?

Showing candidates you're interested in hearing their feedback can help build a relationship. Internally, it can also help gauge where there may be gaps in order to improve your recruiting process in the future.

Job Alerts and Recommendations If candidates don't know there's a potential opportunity at your company, they may just fall off of your radar completely. As a part of your nurturing campaign, it's important to send relevant and personalized job alerts and recommendations to your talent pool - including any passive talent that hasn't had a chance to apply to your company yet.

This will not only help your company convert passive leads into applicants, but you can be assured that candidates will think about you when they decide to make a move, even in the future.

Personalized and Relevant Content You don't have to nurture candidates by just sending job alerts. Sending personalized and relevant content can help build company credibility, and it will definitely enhance the relationship. Perhaps you are a financial services company focused on entry-level accounting talent. Sending educational materials such as webinars, case studies, and articles relevant to accounting would be an easy way to keep candidates engaged.

Additionally, what about an employee testimonial video from a current accountant with your company? People read customer reviews before buying a product, and the same information can help a candidate decide to apply to your company.

Event Notifications If you have an upcoming career fair, company mixer, or even an interesting seminar - part of your nurturing campaign can include making your talent pool aware of these events. If they decide to come to an event as a result, it can be an easier way for them to gain more information on your company before they decide to apply.


How do you nurture your talent pool?

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