Kristina FinsethFebruary 17, 2016
Topics: Candidate Experience

4 keys to improving candidate quality

It's a common problem that recruiters have when hiring - "it's not that we don't have enough candidates, it's just that they aren't good enough."

Hiring top talent is a crucial and difficult task that's required to grow a successful business. It doesn't help that applicants are no longer just referred to you by another employee.

Candidates apply to jobs from job boards, social postings, on desktop, on mobile, on tablet - you name it. Want to make it easier to find the candidates that you're looking for?

We've gathered the 4 keys you need to unlock more high quality candidates.

Key 1 - identify your ideal candidate

Pinpoint your ideal candidate and imagine being in their shoes. They likely don't have much time in their day to search for a new job so every interaction you have with these candidates can make or break a hire. Try to understand their unique problems and needs and paint a picture for them so they can see the value you can offer them - this will get their attention.

Key 2 - connect with candidates who are just 'shopping around'

With so many companies today shifting around the way they work, it's a given that there are plenty of hard working, highly skilled, yet unhappy employees who would be happy in new jobs, however, they aren't actually looking for new jobs.

These candidates may have browsed a few job boards just to see what's available. From job boards they may have visited your career site and explored a few job opportunities, but just to see what's out there because they weren't really looking for a new job after all, but you are looking for them. You need them.

So how do you attract these candidates and show them that working at your organization could be the change they are looking for with out actually knowing they were looking for it?

Candidates are smart. Whether they are looking for a new job or 'just shopping around', they know a good opportunity when they see one. It's up to you to show them their true potential at your organization. Convert candidates to applicants by shaping their experience in a way that inspires them to apply.

Career sites should be where the candidates are - 65 percent of people who conduct their job searches on mobile devices will leave a company's website if the site is not mobile-optimized, and 40 percent of those same people view companies more negatively when their career sites aren't mobile optimized. Don't miss out on candidates by not being where their job search lives.

The internet is mobile and one of the keys to getting more high quality candidates to apply is to give them the choice to be able to very easily apply on the device of their choice.

Key 3 - change and change again

Recruiting is always changing just as people are always changing. Nailing down a recruiting strategy that works for your organization can be intimidating. We suggest embracing change.

One recruiting strategy focused on company culture may work extremely well for hiring candidates looking for a new work environment but might not be so successful for recruiting candidates looking for an organization where they can actually see the impact they would make with their work. That's because every candidate is different.

This is nothing that recruiters don't know or understand, however by personalizing each candidate's hiring experience, you will attract more highly-qualified candidates by offering them an experience that they aren't getting from any other potential employer. Candidates are in control of their journey so always be looking for what candidates want and need from an employer and supplement your career site with these materials as well as communicating these materials with potential job candidates.

Communicating and changing constantly can be difficult but will wow candidates and show them how much you care.

Key 4 - teach yourself

Follow the lead of trailblazers in your industry. Allow yourself time everyday to read, research and learn about changes and advances in hiring to stay on top of your recruiting strategy.

Never stop learning and improving to treat yourself and your candidates to a high quality hiring experience that will be extremely beneficial for you both.

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