Kristina FinsethJanuary 22, 2016
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5 signs you might need a talent relationship marketing platform

With the technology available today, finding your dream job should be easy. Today's candidates aren't job hunters. They're savvy shoppers. The way candidates 'shop' for jobs is changing the recruiting game making it almost impossible for employers to market and sell the right opportunities, to the right candidates, on the right technology platform. What's needed is a solution that creates a fresh, relevant, and user-friendly experience for candidates and talent acquisition teams.

Imagine if I told you there IS a solution to many of your recruiting pain points, Talent Relationship Marketing. TRM is a system used by companies to manage the talent relationship lifecycle of their current and future candidates. The right TRM system delivers an all-inclusive solution to align the objectives, priorities and actions of recruiting. Can TRM help you and your organization? Here are 5 signs to look for.

Is your career site mobile-friendly?

Mobile-friendly sites are a necessity in today's world. Without an optimized experience available to candidates on any device, you are shutting out half of the traffic originating from these devices. You are also creating a bad impression of your company. When your career site isn't accessible to candidates they get 404'd and therefore do not apply.


Looking to improve your engagement levels?

Give candidates a reason to spend time exploring your career site. If candidates are clicking on your site and then leaving right afterwards, it is unfortunately, a reflection of your employer brand. Looking for a legitimate and effective way to engage with potential top talent? Find out what candidates are looking for in a job and share information on your career site that convinces candidates that you are able to meet those needs.

Want to reduce your rate of incomplete applications?

Candidates abandon applications before completion for many reasons. A high rate of incomplete applications is a major signal that your application process is discouraging potential candidates. How long does your application take to complete? Are your applications difficult to navigate on mobile devices? These are major factors that are increasing your high rate of incomplete applications. Evolve your career site to be intuitive and helpful to candidates during the job search. Instead of your career site just housing your open jobs, organize jobs by skills, location, and job type so that candidates can easily navigate your career site to find the exact job they are looking for.

How well do you know your candidates?

You remember having a candidate you wanted to hire a few months ago, but didn't have a position open for them. Now that a position has opened up at your company, you can't find that candidate's contact information. TRM helps hiring teams identify and engage with attractive talent while automatically nurturing these candidates until they finally apply. Having a TRM platform allows you to have access to profiles on every candidate that interacts with your career site. These profiles automatically grow over time with information from their site activity to social profiles.

Do you know what aspects of your recruiting are engaging candidates?

The way employers hires is constantly changing in order to attract fresh talent. You spend a large portion of your budget on advertising your jobs from social media to job boards but how efficiently and successfully are you spending your budget? Maximize your spending and hire more quality candidates by using the right data and tools to pin point exactly where your spending is successful or less successful and adjust your spending accordingly. TRM turns your data points into more than just a bunch of numbers.

If your company suffers from any of this pain points, TRM could work for you.

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