Kristina FinsethDecember 20, 2016
Topics: Candidate Experience

4 Ways to Create a Phenomenal Candidate Experience

You only have one chance to make a phenomenal impression on your candidates, making it extremely important. The first impression, however, is not the only one that counts.

Let’s face it – we’re in a candidate-driven market.

Over the last several years, there’s been a lot of buzz about improving and enhancing the candidate experience, but a lot of companies are just scratching the surface with incremental changes.

Every single piece of your candidate’s interaction and experience with your company matters – from the time they start researching to the time they apply, interview, and hopefully receive that job offer to join your team.

If you aren’t quite sure where to begin - start here with these four surefire ways to add value to your candidate experience.

Set clear expectations of the recruiting process

It’s important to provide clear expectations on how your company’s recruiting and interviewing process works. Should the candidate expect initial communication one way or the other within a certain timeframe or by a certain date? If selected to move forward, what does the interview process look like from start to finish?

Setting clear expectations will not only keep your prospective candidates warm and in the know, but it will save you (recruiter), a lot of potential headaches. Instead of constantly answering questions about the process, you can focus on building and maintaining talent relationships through meaningful conversations.

Always follow through and follow up with candidates

This goes along with setting clear expectations. When you set expectations with a candidate, be sure to follow through with those promised actions.

If you tell a candidate you are going to set up an initial phone interview, do it. If you tell a candidate you are waiting for feedback from the hiring manager, set a calendar reminder and follow up with that candidate each week, even if you don’t have the feedback you need yet.

It doesn’t take much to raise the bar, and simply following up with candidates even when it’s a “no, you weren’t selected” goes a long way.

Streamline your application process

Ever heard the saying, “conceal your internal processes”? That applies to your application process. Candidates shouldn’t have to jump through multiple hoops in order to apply for an opportunity with your company.

Keep your back end processes the same, but ensure your application process is streamlined to enhance the candidate’s experience with your company. Make it end-user friendly so you don’t end up sending them running in the opposite direction.

Personalize your communication with candidates

Whether you work for a small or large company, it is not difficult to personalize your communication with candidates. Many recruiters complain that the volume of applicants is too great to be able to personalize.

Some recruiters get it, and take the time to personalize each and every touch base with their candidates. Keep in mind that even if you are dealing with a high volume of candidates, you can still automate your communication to them and still keep it personalized.


What else do you do to add value to your candidate experience?

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