A Phenomenal Celebration of the Festival of Colors | Phenom

Monica Montesa

March 22, 2019

To kick off one of the most revered Hindu festivals, Holi, the Phenom People team celebrated in full, colorful fashion.

Also known as the “festival of love” or “festival of colors,” Holi is a day to celebrate the victory of good over evil, embrace forgiveness, and welcome the arrival of spring. Phenom employees put on their cleanest Phenom t-shirts, grabbed a handful of colored powder, and threw it at the nearest person they could find. Music roared in the background until everyone was surrounded in a full-fledged color cloud.

We hope the festival of colors brings you as much happiness and joy!

The team grabs handfuls of colored powder.The Phenom Team kicking off the celebrationPhenom People celebrates HoliThe Phenom People team celebrates Holi


Monica Montesa