Kristina FinsethMarch 10, 2017
Topics: Recruiter Experience

Aptitude Research Partners Releases 2017 Recruitment Marketing Index

If you’re in the talent acquisition arena, you’ve probably heard it multiple times before. In order for recruiters to be successful, they need to start thinking like marketers. In fact, over 70 percent of companies will be looking to implement a recruitment marketing solution in the next 12 months.

If you are one of those companies looking at recruitment marketing solutions, you should take a close look at the 2017 Recruitment Marketing Index recently released by Aptitude Research Partners.

We’re happy to be included as one of the leading recruitment marketing providers. There’s a lot of helpful information included for companies to make well-informed decisions on which provider will be the most impactful to their talent acquisition function based on unique internal needs.

Based on their research, here are a few of the trends you should know about when deciding on the right recruitment marketing solution for your company.

Recruitment Marketing isn’t just about targeted messaging Recruitment Marketing isn’t all about sending messages to the right talent so you can get on their radar. It’s deeper than that, and it includes creating an amazing experience that’s unlike any other competitor in your market. The technology solution can help arm companies with the right tools to become a differentiator in the market. After all, it’s important to create a phenomenal candidate experience as talent learns about, engages with, and applies for opportunities at your company.

ATS integration is super important Companies expect their ATS to handle all recruitment activities from attraction to hiring and on-boarding. However, a recruitment marketing platform that fully and seamlessly integrates with your ATS can help to take your recruitment activities from good to great. After all, today’s ATS is not equipped to handle all the recruitment marketing activities that really matter – such as nurturing campaigns.

The cost is justified when the value is there Just like any other solution, choosing a recruitment marketing solution comes at a price. Keep in mind that the ROI is there, and many companies win by replacing old school technology providers as well as costly service and advertising providers. The index states, “By consolidating all the spending that goes into attracting talent, many organizations actually find that they are reducing costs.”

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