Kristina FinsethMarch 03, 2017
Topics: Candidate Experience

Attracting Candidates: It's Not All About the Benjamins

Compensation isn’t the only thing that candidates are evaluating as they search for new opportunities in the market. Of course, excellent health benefits and vacation time can go a long way. However, it’s important to keep in mind that today’s candidates want more, and they deserve more from prospective employers.

In the war for talent, take note from these companies who are leading the way in attracting candidates through the following out-of-the-box employee benefits and perks.

Deloitte’s Sabbatical Programs Too often, people tend to put certain goals on hold while they push through the daily grind at work. In order to allow employees the ability to pursue growth opportunities or take time to refresh and regroup – Deloitte offers two different sabbatical programs.

No matter the reason, employees can take a one-month unpaid sabbatical. For those employees wishing to pursue growth opportunities or volunteer for a cause, they also offer between a three and six-month sabbatical. To top it off, employees still receive 40 percent of their base salary.

Ikea’s Generous Parental Leave Policy The retail industry is a tough place for employee retention, so it’s important to offer benefits and perks that keep employees happy. Ikea recently rolled out a paid parental leave policy for 2017, allowing employees to take three months of paid parental leave if they have been with the company for at least a year.

For longer term employees with at least three years working at Ikea, the company offers them four months of paid parental leave. The icing on the cake? Employees receive the first two months at full pay, and the last two months at half pay.

Starbucks’s College Achievement Plan College expenses have been on the rise for some time, and they aren’t getting any cheaper. Although a lot of employers offer tuition assistance or partial reimbursement, Starbucks takes it a step further by offering all their part-time and full-time employees full tuition coverage in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU).

On top of covering a Bachelor’s Degree through ASU, the degree programs are available online to accommodate employees with different life situations. In addition, they offer coaches and advisors, around-the-clock tutoring services, and multiple degree options.

Phenom’s People Flexible Work Environment Today’s candidates don’t strive to work a typical nine-to-five in a stuffy corporate office five days a week. Phenom People gets it, and understands that flexibility is a must in order to retain talented individuals.

With a hard focus on the work you’re producing here at Phenom People, you’re free to work from home when you need to. Plus, unlimited vacation provides employees the ability to unplug and disconnect whenever they decide to unwind, regroup, and refresh.


What unique employee benefit or perk does your company offer?

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