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Topics: Candidate Experience

Auditing your candidate experience [Webinar wrap-up]

On Thursday, February 28th Phenom People CEO Mahe Bayireddi and VP of Client Success Ed Newman shared best practices, strategies and tactics on how to improve the current candidate experience for February's Phenom Webinar.

The candidate experience is something that has gone from a luxury to a necessary part of acquiring today's top talent. So that's why Phenom People decided to take a comprehensive approach to help organizations audit the complete and total candidate experience.

What is a candidate experience audit?

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At Phenom People, we like to think of candidates as consumers so that's why a lot of our inspiration stems from consumer engagement and modern consumer marketing. We hope to help organizations create a high-quality experience that isn't easy but rather an experience that candidates are willing to work with because they feel that they will be gaining from their experience.

What's the effect of a bad candidate experience? Think about the experience you have while waiting in line at airport security. Usually a bad experience. Your candidate experience shouldn't be easy, but you should be cognizant about what kind of experience you are giving to candidates.

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What is the goal of conducting an audit of your candidate experience?

  1. Identify your current state
  2. Set goals of where you want to be
  3. What can you aspire to be? What experience is most like the experience you desire to create for candidates?

What is the impact of the candidate experience?

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The candidate experience is a powerful tool that can move the candidate journey from "Do I want to work here?" to "I want to work here!" Even if a candidate does not get the job, we want candidates to have a positive experience.

Watch our free webinar to learn how to set up an audit of your candidate experience.

Framing your candidate experience audit

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Usually a candidate's first touch point with a potential employer.

  • Career Site
  • Job Distribution
  • SEO
  • Job Search

The connection you make with candidates. The content and marketing message you are sending to candidates and the feedback you are getting throughout the process.

  • Job Description
  • Content Audit
  • EVP & Branding Audit
  • Feedback Audit

The transaction of converting candidates to applicants and applicants to employees. The apply process and the nurturing of candidates as they travel through the front-end of your funnel to become applicants is a crucial aspect that impacts the state of your candidate experience.

  • Nurturing Audit
  • Campaign Audit
  • Candidate Analytics Audit
  • Apply Audit

The interactions between organizations and candidates. The personal touches employers have with candidates from events, to interviewing the candidate on a one-on-one basis. The offer and onboarding stages also contribute greatly to the overall state of an organization's candidate experience.

  • Events Audit
  • Screening & Interview Audit
  • Offers Audit
  • Onboarding Audit

During the webinar, we conducted a poll and asked attendees: How would you describe your career site? Their response: 'OK but needs work' (45%).

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After conducting an audit, you want to have a good idea of where your current candidate experience stands and where you want to be. Overall candidates want to feel confident and secure in their decision to work for you over a competitor so offer an experience that encourages candidates to work for you!

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We will be hosting a live candidate experience audit on 5 companies. If you are interested in participating, please submit your information here!

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