Andrew O'BrienJune 24, 2019
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Automate Employee Communication with Phenom Bot, Our AI-Powered Chatbot

Do your employees know they can pursue new positions or learn new skills at your company?

If not, you could be paying the price. According to LinkedIn, employees cited lack of career growth opportunities as the #1 reason why they left an employer.

That's why we’re happy to announce that your #1 talent pool—your employees—now have an easier way to pursue new roles at your organization using our AI-powered chatbot, Phenom Bot.

Traditionally used for communicating with candidates, Phenom Bot can also automate employee communication and job discovery, driving internal engagement and organizational growth. Available in the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform, Phenom Bot simplifies employee communication and boosts productivity for talent management teams.

4 Ways to Connect with Employees with Phenom Bot

Phenom Bot launched earlier this year to enhance the candidate experience by automating job seeker communication and time-consuming recruiting tasks like sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, as well as answering candidate FAQs.

With the immediate success of Phenom Bot for candidates, our team recognized how it would strengthen the overall employee experience, too. Phenom Bot enables employees to:

1. Access personalized internal job opportunities.

According to LinkedIn, 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers—which means they need better channels to pursue new jobs internally and develop their skills.

With Phenom Bot on your internal career site, employees can converse with the chatbot and get hyper-personalized job recommendations based on the information they provide. An employee can share location preferences and departments they would like to work for, as well as their current skill set to find a match.

If the employee sees a job they like, they can quickly apply directly within the chatbot window—providing you with a brand new candidate in your talent pipeline. This also indicates which of your employees are interested in professional and personal development. If someone applies to a specific position they aren’t qualified for, you and their manager can discuss other best-fit opportunities.

Phenom People Chatbot

2. Refer friends and professional networks to open positions.

Your engaged employees are rockstars. Not only do they strengthen your overall brand, but they also increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. And it gets better—happy employees refer their friends and professional networks, which leads to higher quality talent. In fact, 70% of employers say referred hires fit the company culture and values better than those from other sources.

Once an employee recommends a candidate from their network, Phenom Bot will serve relevant job recommendations based on their skills. This makes it easier for your internal talent to build a pipeline for hard-to-fill jobs.

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3. Get answers to their most pressing questions.

As employees discover new jobs for either themselves or their networks, they can ask Phenom Bot questions as they arise. What job opportunities are available in California? What skills are required for an IT manager position? The chatbot will deliver automated responses from your FAQ depository. Using our AI-powered technology, Phenom will identify the intent of the candidate's question to deliver the right response.

By handling employee communication, recruiters can continue with their workday without interruption, focusing on more strategic tasks like nurturing candidate relationships.

4. Sign up for company events.

Engaged employees aren’t only making career moves within an organization—they also like to find other ways to be active. Whether it’s joining an employee-led group like a book club or attending company events, internal talent is happier when they’re taking advantage of a variety of perks and benefits.

To stay up-to-date on what’s happening and drive turnout, employees can discover and register for upcoming work events, such as happy hours and holiday parties. If an event has a networking component, employees can also be encouraged to invite friends who want to learn about your company—allowing you to activate your employees and expand your talent pool.

Plus, Phenom Bot integrates with Slack, Skype, and Microsoft Teams so you can interact with employees on channels beyond your internal career site. Quickly broadcast job posts and events, streamlining communication for employees, talent management teams, and hiring managers.

Chatbot analytics are also provided so you can view employee engagement with Phenom Bot, jobs they’ve applied to, content they’re interested in, referrals they’ve made, and more.

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Transform Thriving Employees into Advocates

To retain top talent, it is essential that organizations consider ways to improve the employee experience—which begins with investing in their development.

Interested in learning more about Phenom Bot? Request a demo or contact your Account Manager today!

Andrew O'Brien

Andrew O'Brien is a senior product manager at Phenom People. He was one of the first employees to join Phenom.

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