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Bi-Weekly RoundUp: 12/29 - 1/12

How high on your priority list is it to get an HR Technology Manager in your company? What about taking advantage of your network to improve your recruiting efforts and professional growth? Or do you have your candidates fill out personality tests before hiring them? Read these topics and more in this edition of Phenom People's Bi-Weekly Roundup!

HR tech meets HR’s vast life cycle

As technology continues to surge throughout HR departments, so does the need for HR technology managers. The need to fill this position is so urgent that companies are increasing salaries, offering better work, perks, and work/life balance to attract top talent. The increase in demand for HR personnel with up-to-date skills is partially due to the constant replacement of technology within HR departments. These changes in technology are occurring with one goal in mind: to make it easier for employees to use. HR departments are constantly in search of new ways to encourage employee engagement and make employees’ work life better. The need for HRIS staff could also be a contributing factor to the 2.2 percent HR unemployment rate in December 2016, as compared to 4.7 percent for all jobs in the country.

HR Technology Managers are high in demand on Phenom People's Bi-Weekly Roundup

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Instead of taking common career advice, try a different approach

I’m sure we have all heard some common career advice before, like “put yourself out there”, but just because you heard it and many agree it’s great advice doesn’t mean it will work for you. Instead of giving up, try spinning the advice you've gotten into something similar that works for you personally. For example, many people will often tell you that your network is your most valuable asset; however, instead of focusing on trying to grow your network by attending numerous events that take up your time, try figuring out how you can help the people in your existing network. This could be anything from sharing things you’ve learned with someone who holds a similar job or recommending a candidate you believe would be a good fit to your supervisor. By helping others, you’re cultivating valuable relationships that could be used in your future endeavors.

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IBM looks to position Watson as an aid to HR managers

Last month, IBM announced its collaboration with robotic processing automation (RPA) vendor Blue Prism and revealed that Walgreens is using the RPA to support its HR function. Walgreens has been using “software robots” from Blue Prism along with IBM’s digital process automation tools to handle the repetitive work in HR operations. HR managers admit to losing roughly 14 hours a week on manual tasks that could be automated, so this type of technology is clearly valuable. HR process automation handles a variety of tasks including messaging, benefits and compensation, and even functions related to employee learning and talent management. While IBM is in the middle of an RPA investment, it's clear that the company brings experience in business process management. IBM looks to apply its expertise and tools in order to redesign the workflows across the HR landscape.

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Pre-hire personality tests are the move to improve hiring success

Aside from experience and credentials, employers are determining that personality traits, work ethic, and other soft skills, play a large role in the success of a new hire. The challenge comes when trying to identify these soft skills during the hiring process. Many candidates are on their best behavior when applying for a position and often give responses that the employer would want to hear, however, this behavior could end quickly once they do get the job. With misleading traits, the employer then has to restart the process or settle for a candidate who might not be successful within the organization. Since analyzing a candidate's personality has become increasingly important, employers are turning to personality tests to improve hiring success. These tests not only allow the employer to make a better judgment call on who would fit well into their culture, but it also allows them to detect a lack of integrity.

Personality tests are given in the recruitment process on the Bi-Weekly Roundup

What are your thoughts on administering a personality test during the recruitment process?
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Asking for a raise can be tough: here’s how to do it in 2018

New year, new salary? Since 2018 has already begun, the idea of a raise has probably crossed your mind. It’s important to keep realistic expectations before you decide to ask. You might want to do some research too. Annual raises are usually between one and five percent of your salary, while many companies aim to settle at three percent. Before you ask, check out salary trends and build a fair request. If you’re looking for a more substantial salary increase, you may want to consider other positions available within your company. Keep in mind that raises are often given to those who contribute to business objectives rather than those who want or need it. It’s best to backup your argument with hard numbers rather than make empty claims. Before you ask, remember that practice makes perfect and that timing really matters.

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