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Bi-Weekly Roundup: 6/1 - 6/15

It's that time again where we keep you updated with the hottest topics in HR, talent acquisition, and technology with the Bi-Weekly Roundup. Here are five articles you need to check out!

Why aren’t we thinking about benefits for bots

As many organizations increasingly incorporate artificial intelligence into their organizations, it's important to consider HR’s role. Many will attempt to categorize bots and AI as an IT program, but organizations who want to be successful in deploying this no-collar workforce, will have to involve these technologies across the organization - including HR. While IT will be responsible for building these bots, HR will be responsible for rewriting job descriptions, onboarding, assigning them a human manager, and even providing them with an exit strategy. This continued integration of a hybrid workforce calls for HR to take on new approaches to employee development and performance management.

Read more about bots and their integration into the workforce here.

#MeToo complaints took over Human Resource departments

When the #MeToo movement took off, it created another level of involvement for HR departments across the nation. Complaints piled up as HR managers took their time addressing each individual complaint. Until October, cases were made to just go away by settling arrangements outside of court or signing non-disclosure agreements. This movement created another level of HR involvement that was long overdue. While #MeToo is primarily focused on women being harassed in the workplace, it has evolved into demands to address pay equity, bullying, and retaliation.

#MeToo movement in this Bi-Weekly Roundup

Learn more about the #MeToo movement and its effect on HR here.

As remote work becomes increasingly popular, so does the need for a remote work policy

In the last 15 years, the U.S. has seen a 115 percent increase in the total number of employees who work from home at least half of the time. This is partly due to the fact that jobs are becoming more specialized and talent pools are becoming smaller. When candidates are found, they may not want to relocate. Though this trend has picked up, many companies are still failing to address it and about 57 percent don’t have a remote work policy in place. Employers are not required by law to have these policies, or even allow work from home options, but the companies that have a detailed and thought out policy in place are the ones not facing consequences on morale and culture.

Does your organization have a detailed and thought out work from home policy?

You can read more about the benefits of a work for home policy here.

Show employees how much they are valued to increase engagement

Turnover and low productivity are tied directly to low employee engagement. Organizations are challenged with the task of thinking of new ways to engage employees and show them that they are valued. Some organizations are offering open workspaces or even making workspaces mimic a home environment. Employees want to learn how their position and goals help the organization fulfill their purpose. Employers often fail to make that connection, but once an employee understands the big picture, they then need to be shown how they fit into it. The most common mistake is assuming that employees understand the impact of their work.

Read more about ways to increase engagement here.

If candidate lies on their resume, how should HR handle it

While potential candidates may be inclined to polish up their resume, there are ways for HR to minimize the risk of hiring someone who misrepresented themselves during the interview process. First things first, always perform background checks. These could be as simple as calling up old employers to confirm details on a resume, or going through criminal background checks online. More often than not, it’s the person’s title or responsibilities that are often embellished. So what can an employer do if they uncover misrepresentations during recruitment?

Candidate lying on their resume for the Bi-Weekly Roundup

You can find out the 3 steps employers can make here.

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