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Bi-Weekly Roundup: 7/13 - 7/27

Good news and bad news.

Bad news: Ghosting is a term now being used in HR, not just dating. And could-based technology has had another data breach.

Good news: Research has shown that dogs in the office increase employee engagement, and harassment training is getting better.

All of this is covered in this week’s Bi-Weekly Roundup!

Ghosting Hits the Workplace

“Ghosting” is not a term you expect to hear in the workplace. Ghosting is a word used to describe when someone suddenly stops all forms of contact with someone without any warning. Human Resource managers are sadly becoming more used to this practice. Due to the low unemployment rate of 3.8%, the job market is now incredibly competitive and potential clients are ignoring their interviews without warning.

It is believed that ghosting is increasing due to social media outreach, candidates being uncomfortable responding to offers they do not plan on accepting, and candidates just wanting to see what other options they have before accepting.

Ghosted in talent acquisition in this Bi-Weekly Roundup

Interested in the ghosting phenomenon? Read more here.

HR’s Request for a New Supervisor Wasn’t a Reasonable Accommodation

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a request for a new supervisor as a disability accommodation is not “reasonable.” The ADA requires employees to provide accommodations to employees with disabilities, within reason. These accommodations include work schedules, policy updates, and facility updates. Employers are not required to give the employees their first choice in updated accommodations, but they are required to provide the appropriate accommodations within reason.

Recently, Andrea Sessoms, who has mental and physical disabilities, sued her employer after she started to have mistakes within the workplace. She had requested a different department head as a part of her new accommodations, but was not granted this. She sued and the ADA decided that this was not a “reasonable” request.

Read more here.

ComplyRight is the Latest Victim of Data Breach

ComplyRight, a cloud-based HR tech company, had a security breach a week ago. Within the breach, sensitive information such as addresses, names, cell phone numbers, email addresses, and even social security numbers might have been compromised. ComplyRight has announced that only 10% of their clients have been impacted out of those who have completed their tax forms.

With technology and cloud-based platforms growing, security is always on the clients mind.

See what employees at ComplyRight had to say about the breach here.

Pet Friendly Companies Could Increase Employee Engagement

91 percent of employees who work at pet-friendly companies said they feel engaged at work, while only 65 percent of employees at non pet-friendly companies reported engagement at work. A pet-friendly company could include; allowing personal pets in the office, an office pet, or benefits such as pet insurance.

Pets in the office has reported to create a sense of community and increase interaction with coworkers. When people are interacting with a dog, positive hormones are being released into the brain and people are overall happier. All of this relates directly to increased employee engagement.

Pet-friendly dogs in the office help improve engagement in this Bi-Weekly Roundup

Read more about why you should have dogs in your office here.

Harassment Training Grows, Yet Gaps Remain

This year’s #MeToo movement, required some companies to update their harassment and training policies. Previous to 2016, under 50% of employees were trained and in 2017, 56% of employees were trained on harassment policies.

While sexual harassment prevention and training increases, many times this training only happens once. Gaps are also prevalent in code of conduct training, cyber security training, conflict of interest training, and bribery and corruption training. Having better communicated policies can decrease a company’s liability and issues down the road.

Read more about this issue here.

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