Kristina FinsethJuly 13, 2016
Topics: Customer Stories

Case study: Informatica's Talent Relationship Marketing success story

It's harder than ever to hire top talent, especially in Silicon Valley. Informatica knows this as well as anyone, which is why it needed a Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM) solution.

The data integration and management software company is an attractive employer, but needed help hiring the talented engineers and developers it needs to compete in a rapidly changing tech landscape. Informatica wasn't receiving any information on the thousands of possible candidates visiting their career site each month. More importantly, the company was unable to see the most popular sources and channels bringing visitors to the site. By the time Informatica was able to identify its top targets, these individuals had been hired elsewhere.

Download the Informatica Talent Relationship Marketing case study.

Brad Cook, Informatica's Global Vice President of Talent Acquisition, sought to find a solution that would help the company improve its talent experience and enable its recruiters to more quickly identify anonymous visitors and determine if they were candidates. The ideal solution would be optimized for mobile devices, create a shorter and more flexible application process and provide source tracking analytics that allowed the company to identify the job boards and social sources delivering the highest-quality talent.

After an extensive search process, Informatica recognized they needed a TRM platform and chose the Phenom People solution. Phenom People's TRM platform helped Informatica create a seamless talent experience across mobile and desktop devices and strengthened the company's talent pool, specifically by identifying the passive candidates visiting Informatica's site that previously were anonymous.

In the first six months using the Phenom People platform, Informatica's career site traffic rose 82%. It also drove more candidates to the company's job applications, as two out of every three career site visitors at least began an application.

With the Phenom People TRM platform, Informatica boosted its profile as a tech employer within the Valley by creating a better talent experience and gave its talent acquisition team the resources it needed to attract, engage, nurture and convert top talent.

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