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Check Out Microsoft's Career Site, Powered by Phenom People

Microsoft, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is a tech conglomerate and listed as number 28 on 2017’s Fortune list. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975, Microsoft catapulted the personal computer revolution, and continues to dominate the market.

Here’s more information on Microsoft:

Industry: Computer Software

Company Size: 114,000+

Career Site Link: https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en


New Site Key Features: Personalization, LinkedIn Integration, People Detection, Predictive Job Search, Apply Mirroring, Responsive and Mobile Optimized, Job Recommendation Based on Browsing History, Location, and Job Category, EVP, and Saved Job Cart

Microsoft's career site's homepage powered by Phenom People

Here are some of the unique features of Microsoft’s career site.

Employee Value Proposition

Microsoft's career site has the EVP through Phenom People

You got the candidate on your career site, great! But now that they’re on the site, they’re going to want to see what’s in it for them when they work for you. Microsoft addresses on its career site exactly what job seekers can expect in bold fonts and images. Converting candidates into new hires is at the heart of a recruiter’s job. Providing EVP on the career site is essential for selling candidates on the right opportunity, ultimately leading to a completed application.

Interview Tips

Microsoft provides interview tips on the career site with Phenom People

Microsoft wants their candidates to be well equipped and successful in their journey with the company. On the career site, they include interview tips and questions that will be asked in the interview. More importantly than that, there are also links to Microsoft’s blog posts with information to help applicants in their interviewing process. It’s essentially a how-to on getting hired at Microsoft. That’s content true to improving the candidate experience!

Job Search by Category

Job searching by category on Microsoft's career site with Phenom People

Before your candidates type in anything into the search bar, they are prompted with a dropdown menu of different departments with a corresponding number of how many open roles are in each. All of this happens as soon as they click on the search box. So instead of searching for another Software Developer role, job seekers can browse titles in IT Operations and see the other openings available. This is the power of a robust search!

Browse by Profession

Profession information on Microsoft's career site with Phenom PeopleProfession information on Microsoft's career site with Phenom People

An extremely unique feature of Microsoft’s extensive career site is helping job seekers better understand the different types of employees at various departments and levels of the company. At the top of the site is a button entitled “Professions”. Once clicked, candidates are provided several fields which enable the job hunter to view a page that explains a little more about the people in those roles. This helps the candidate find the right fit and helps the talent acquisition team improve quality-of-hire and conversions.

In addition to these stellar features, Microsoft’s career site also provides a link to LinkedIn’s career site due to the acquisition. And in preparation to GDPR’s enforcement date on May 25th, the career site has a banner at the top of the page explaining that the page uses cookies for analytics and personalized content. On the banner is a link to learn more around the details of the data collected and how it’s used.

Bonus: Want to go on an egg hunt? On every page of Microsoft’s career site is a blurb about Phenom People. Can you find it?

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