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Check Out Whole Foods's Career Site Powered by Phenom People

Known as Whole Foods today, the supermarket chain was founded in 1980 through a merger with two independently owned grocers, SaferWay and Clarksville Natural Grocery. The chain has 479 stores across the US and UK and specializes in naturally growing organic foods without any artificial additives.

Here’s more information on Whole Foods:

Industry: Grocery and Health Food Store

Company Size: 91,000+

Career Site Link: https://careers.wholefoodsmarket.com/global/en

ATS Used: Workday

New Site Key Features: Personalization, People Detection, Predictive Job Search, Apply Mirroring, Responsive and Mobile Optimized, Job Recommendation Based on Browsing History, Location, Employee Value Proposition, and Saved Job Cart

Whole Foods career site's homepage

Here are the unique features of Whole Foods career site.

Employee Testimonials

Employee testimonials on Whole Foods career site

There is no better way to promote your company’s culture than straight from the horse’s mouth; your employees. The career site is the portal to all conversions. Every talent acquisition team’s goal is to get candidates on the site and convince them to want to work for the company. By enlisting direct quotes from trustworthy employees, job seekers can get a feel for why each of them chose to work for the company. Whole Foods has a scroll of four different testimonials that urge the career site visitor to apply.

Predictive Job Search

Whole Foods career site uses predictive job search

Think about when you’re doing some online shopping and you start to type out the item you’re searching. Now imagine you’re not sure how to spell the item you’re looking for or, better yet, you get inspired by some other related item, because the search bar recognizes what you’re trying to type and spits out 10 other results. This can lead you down a rabbit hole to many opportunities. This same concept applies to candidates searching for a job. In this example, we’re looking for a role or location that starts with “Mar”. Immediately upon typing those three letters, we’re given two marketing roles and a Marlboro location opening. Providing candidates with choices improves the candidate experience every time.

Hiring Process Expectations

Whole Foods hiring expectations laid out on the career site

Setting clear expectations is key to any project or initiative. The Whole Foods talent acquisition team encourages all candidates to research their company first on social media before ever submitting an application! Genius. They outline that if the resume is up to par, candidates will talk with a recruiter. This is followed by the hiring manager, a panel of potential teammates to speak with, and hopefully an offer for the position at the end. Laying this out in black and white illustrates to the candidate that Whole Foods cares about the applicant’s time and expectations.

Saved Job Cart

Saved job cart on Whole Foods career site give candidates time to apply

In order to attract the candidate, you have to think like a consumer. Think again back to when you are shopping online. You see a product but aren’t sure if you want to buy it that day. Instead of keeping a mental note about the item, you put it in your cart and think it over. With an intelligent career site, candidates have that same option when they find jobs they want to think more about before hitting apply. The job cart allows job seekers to save a role for later, close out of the career site, and then log back in to find those open positions still waiting.

Whole Foods and many others have taken the step forward in bettering the candidate experience. Before doing the same, you can request an audit of your existing career site and we will give you a robust analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

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Justin Noll

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