Sasha FedunchakDecember 13, 2018
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Comparably Awards Reflect the Core Values We Hold Close

At Phenom People, we believe people should be happy and inspired by their jobs - just as we are. And that’s not just marketing copy - we walk the talk. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve been awarded three Comparably awards for 2018:

  • No. 5 for Overall Best Companies,

  • No. 6 for Best CEO, and

  • Among the Best Companies for Diversity.

This marks eight total Comparably Awards to date including Happiest Employees, Best CEO for Women, Best Company for Leadership, Best Company for Managers, and others. Comparably’s awards are entirely dependent on employee feedback and ratings in categories such as professional development, perks and benefits, office culture, leadership, and employee happiness.

We’re thrilled to be recognized for the care and effort we put into making our culture what it is today. Our secret sauce is one part living our core values (C.R.I.S.P.) and one part embracing our #NotNormal obsession with helping one billion people find the right job.

“Achieving the vision for Phenom People requires that every employee loves what they do,” said Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and co-founder of Phenom People. “We’ve worked hard to build a global culture that is not only united by a common purpose, but by a passion for growth, innovation and disruption. I’m honored and humbled to lead this inspirational team.”

Read on for a few examples of how Phenom brings our values to life in and outside of the workplace.

CURIOSITY. The driving force behind our motivation to explore, question, and wonder so we are constantly innovating.

We want each our 450+ Phenoms to have a deep understanding of the Phenom TRM platform, so we developed the Phenom Explorer Training Academy. The Academy is an all-in-one stop for everything you need to know about how our software works. And, we even have a user community for employees and customers to explore features and benefits, pose questions, and submit innovative ideas on how we can improve our product. What’s more, the Academy is expanding to offer professional development courses to help our employees grow in their careers more quickly.

RESPONSIBILITY. For our product, customers, employees, and community.

Helping people find the right job is our purpose, and we take that purpose seriously beyond sharing the message of our platform’s transformative capabilities. By creating a culture of giving, we’ve enabled employees to step into more meaningful work and share their talents and skills with our community. Various #PhenomCares efforts include regular blood drives and clothing donations, volunteering with the local Boys and Girls Club, sponsoring families for holiday gift-giving, and providing necessities like water filters and groceries for schools in India.

Phenom People wins Comparably Awards
Phenom employees competed in a step challenge to monitor their movement, health, and energy throughout the workday.

INTENSITY. Having high energy and drive to accomplish our goals.

From day one, we strive to raise the energy levels of our new employees. That’s why, during the welcoming ceremony of Phenom Phundamentals, our three-day, interactive, and fun new hire training and orientation, we go all out. With energetic music turned all the way up and high-fives from the entire team in the office, it really is a celebration of the phenomenal talent we feel so lucky to attract and grow every day. The Phundamentals course ensures employees are quickly and efficiently ingrained into the history and culture of the company, as well as trained on various features of our platform.

SELF-CONFIDENCE. By being bold and believing in our purpose to help a billion people find the right job.

We believe that the confidence to do your job well comes from having the right inspiration and information. That’s why we have a weekly all-hands meeting every Friday afternoon. Every meeting starts with our mission; then, we use the rest of the time to share updates on company goals using the OKR system, highlight internal milestones, celebrate customer wins, and announce reminders and upcoming events. Additionally, we recognize and award peer-nominated employees who have demonstrated a core value over the course of the week. By fostering a culture of frequent and transparent communication, employees easily find the bold confidence to think and work outside of the box to drive better business outcomes.

Phenom People wins Comparably Award
Phenom employees celebrate the local NFL team, Philadelphia Eagles.

POSITIVE THINKING. People should be happy and inspired by their jobs.

Mindset is everything; we believe our employees’ mindsets can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary results for our business and customers. That’s why we are proud to offer a voluntary employee-led meditation session every Monday morning, as well as in-house yoga on Monday evenings. Additionally, we even have a “meditation room”, a sacred space for employees to center themselves and relax (complete with essential oils and salt lamps).


What are some of the best practices you know to engage employees and cultivate a thriving culture? Share your comments below!

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