Confessions of a Post-Pandemic Job Seeker | Phenom

Devin Foster

July 16, 2020

Employers can't attract best-fit talent without engaging job seekers throughout their journey. But what's the best way to design a remarkable and personalized candidate experience during a pandemic? 

On the latest episode of the Talent Experience Show, we talked with a job seeker who is actively searching for his next role—and the challenges that come with it. Hear about his personal experience, discover what is and isn't working for candidates during the pandemic, and explore new ways to engage and acquire top talent.

What we discussed:

  • What companies can do to stand out and better connect with candidates now
  • Major challenges that turn job seekers away
  • How personalizing outreach and communication impacts the job seeker's decision to apply
  • Technology that can help you deliver the experiences candidates want—and provide recruiters with the information they need

This podcast was initially recorded for our new live show, Talent Experience Live! Watch the full unedited video below to also get a live demo of Phenom's AI-powered Career Site.

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    Devin Foster