Kristina FinsethJanuary 25, 2017
Topics: Candidate Experience

E-Book: The State of Talent Relationship Marketing – A Review of Candidate Experience at 600 Fortune 1000 Companies

Attracting, engaging, and converting top talent into actual applicants has become increasingly difficult for companies. To add to the mix, today’s candidates have higher expectations when it comes to their individual job search experience. They demand more information, more relevant job and content recommendations, and easier ways to get to complete an application once they’ve decided to pursue an opportunity.

These expectations and demands are shaped by their favorite e-commerce experiences from shopping on Amazon for a hot new product to navigating the back way to their favorite restaurant using Waze to listening to music on Spotify.

We’ve taken care of a lot of the leg work for you by conducting some pretty extensive research on the candidate experience at 600 of the largest Fortune 1000 global companies. Each company received a score based on how effectively they are attracting talent, how well they are communicating with candidates, and how easy the application process is for candidates from start to finish.

The report provides key insights into where companies are excelling and falling short when it comes to candidate experience. In turn, these insights can help you identify key areas of improvement in your own candidate experience at your company, including:

  • Career site architecture
  • Personalization of content and job recommendations
  • Search structure, functionality, and ease of use
  • Quality and presence of career site
  • Job application design and functionality including ease of use

To download the complete Phenom People State of Talent Relationship Marketing report, click here.

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