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Everything You Need to Know About Talent Experience Management [eBook]

The talent experience is broken—and it’s costing companies billions of dollars a year.

But there is a solution: Talent Experience Management.

Talent Experience Management (TXM) is a holistic approach that connects every interaction across every talent experience for candidates, recruiters, employees, and management. By collecting and connecting data, organizations are enabled to create hyper-personalized experiences for everyone.

This means candidates find the right jobs faster, recruiters are more productive, employees are able to evolve, and management gets the insights they need.

To help you implement TXM at your organization, we launched The Definitive Guide to Talent Experience Management. In the guide, you’ll discover how you can successfully transform every experience with journey mapping, persona development, and the technology you need to bring your vision to life.

Connecting Every Talent Experience

By unifying the experience for candidates, recruiters, employees, and management, TXM enables organizations to enhance every moment in their journey. When adopted, TXM brings your entire talent funnel together, from attracting visitors to your career site to developing employees into brand advocates. It solves recruiting pain paints, automates key processes, and equips talent teams with the tools to nurture passive and active talent.

The 4 Core Experiences

To truly improve the talent experience, a closer look at each journey is required.

4 talent experiences

Candidate Experience

A candidate begins their journey by looking for a job. As they move along, they discover an opportunity, receive a personalized experience, become engaged with the company, and eventually accept the offer.

To enhance the candidate experience, talent leaders should make the discovery and application phase engaging and stress-free. With personalized career sites and chatbots, job seekers receive tailored job recommendations and content, and then enjoy a seamless apply process. University recruiting ensures candidates have the opportunities to discover best-fit companies in person.

Employee Experience

From their first day, the employee becomes aligned with the company. If they have positive experiences right at the start, they’ll turn into an advocate, embrace upskill opportunities to grow within the company, and ultimately evolve as a person.

To strengthen the employee experience and boost productivity, employees can use internal career sites to discover relevant jobs, identify new career paths, and refer their networks to open positions. They can also get more engaged within a company by joining an employee resource group that piques their interest.

Recruiter Experience

In parallel, the recruiter and hiring manager are moving along their own journey. To keep the talent pipeline moving, recruiters spend time planning the position, as well as sourcing, screening, assessing, and nurturing candidates up until they extend an offer.

To streamline the recruiter experience and boost productivity, recruiters can utilize intelligent candidate fit scoring and other AI-powered insights to identify top talent faster in a CRM. They can also easily create SMS and email campaigns to nurture and eventually convert quality candidates.

Management Experience

A hiring manager begins their journey when they first identify the budget for a necessary position and work with the recruiter to get the description posted. From there, it’s all about engaging with talent, leading interviews, and then helping the new employee adjust to the company and grow. Meanwhile, talent leaders need insights into the entire talent journey to inform forecasting and succession planning efforts.

To empower managers, talent leaders can evaluate data to identify gaps in the talent journey and optimize strategies. Talent analytics, including forecasting, enable company stakeholders to make agile decisions and improve talent experiences from the top down.

Transforming the Talent Journey

Whether you’re a recruiter or talent leader, your primary goal is to supply your organization with top talent. Embracing TXM is the key to making that happen. When you focus on every experience within the talent lifecycle, you’ll be well on your way towards hiring quality candidates faster, strengthening employee engagement, and making smarter business decisions that boost ROI.

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