Devin FosterMay 26, 2020
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Find Your Next Job On HelpOneBillion

Over 36 million Americans have filed for unemployment—with another 2.7 billion workers affected by shelter-in-place measures worldwide. Since the pandemic hit, we have been inspired by the countless stories from organizations that have stepped up to assist recently laid-off and furloughed workers.

After helping our customers connect former employees to jobs at other companies, we realized there was an even greater opportunity to make this network of jobs available to everyone.

With HelpOneBillion—a curated network of 500,000+ jobs from 850+ organizations hiring now—those who are looking for work can quickly find roles most relevant to them.

In our latest live session, we interviewed our co-founder and CEO, Mahe Bayireddi, and a few folks from our product team to highlight the story behind why we launched HelpOneBillion and how it delivers personalized job recommendations and content based on their experience, interests, and location.

Check out the video below and be sure to visit HelpOneBillion!

Join the HelpOneBillion Movement

If you have family or friends who are in need of a job, we encourage you to direct them to HelpOneBillion:

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