Monica MontesaMay 03, 2019
Topics: Recruiter Experience

5 Key Benefits of Conversational Recruiting

We live in a candidate-driven market, which means it’s up to HR to meet their needs. So what are candidates looking for? Talent today expects a personalized experience that mirrors their online shopping experience. They’re looking for personalization across their journey, similar to what they receive when browsing Netflix or Spotify.

To capture the attention of quality candidates, talent teams are finding new ways to engage with candidates using real-time, one-on-one messaging. A candidate-centric strategy, conversational recruiting enables on-demand, two-way communication through channels such as SMS, email, and AI-powered chatbots. As more quality conversations occur at the right time, you can connect the right candidate with the right job faster, and enhance their overall experience with your brand.

Here are just a few of the phenomenal benefits of conversational recruiting:

1. Connect with Candidates

Turn recruiting into a two-way conversation and meet candidates where they are by engaging them on the apps and systems they use in their everyday lives. By keeping conversations on the same tools candidates are used to, you improve the probability of keeping them interested and connected to the opportunities at your company.

2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

AI and machine learning will continue to transform recruiting, HR, and the future of work. When it comes to conversational recruiting, AI-powered chatbots help automate pre-screening, scheduling, and answering candidate FAQs. This provides recruiters with more time to focus on building quality relationships with top talent.

3. Nurture Relationships at Scale

The right tools enable you to run automated campaigns in the background, saving you time that can be used on more important tasks. For example, once a job seeker visits your career site, interacts with a chatbot, or connects with one of their social media profiles, you can automate email or text campaigns to share new job opportunities, upcoming events, and keep your employer brand top-of-mind.

4. Add a Little Humanity

Conversational recruiting encourages the “person” in “personnel.” Unlike most ATS and CRM tools, the conversational recruiting experience is truly focused on the candidate. Because conversations are real-time, natural, and engaging, candidates benefit from a personalized hiring process, versus watching their application disappear after hitting “submit” and never hearing from a recruiter again.

5. Boost Engagement Rates

With real-time messaging strategies like chatbot and SMS, you’re able to increase open rates and response times. SMS open and response rates are as high as 98% and 45%, respectively. Another study found that organizations that used a chatbot to communicate with talent saw time-to-fill improve 90% of the time.

Get Started with Conversational Recruiting

As you implement tools like SMS, email, and a chatbot into your recruiting strategy, be sure to track, track, track! By collecting data and measuring the performance of your engagement with candidates, you’ll have the information you need to tweak and optimize your strategy over time.

Conversational recruiting is one of the many ways you can create incredible experiences across the talent journey—make today the day you get started.

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