Ali PollockJanuary 08, 2019
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5 Reasons You Should Text Candidates

According to Indeed, 78% of candidates are applying to jobs through their mobile device. Mobile recruiting is a huge trend, so is essential for recruiters to start adapting new innovative ways to reach their potential job candidates through their mobile device. Not only is texting quick, easy, and efficient, it can also improve your time-to-fill and increase candidate engagement. Still not convinced? Check out these five reasons why you should add texting into your recruiting process.

Texting Creates a Better Candidate Experience

In today’s tight job market, it is essential to create the best candidate experience. Texting candidates not only speeds up the process, but also improves the candidate experience. 75% of millennials prefer texting as their primary form of communication. Understanding this overwhelming majority should lead more recruiters to utilize texting as their primary form of communication when targeting a younger candidate. Using texting in the recruiting process will also give the appearance that your company is approachable and communicative, relaying a positive image to a potential candidate.

Texting is Quick, Easy, and Convenient

Texting candidates can speed up the recruiting process in many ways. The same message can be sent to different candidates simultaneously and responses to texts are answered significantly faster as opposed to call or email. Additionally, Mobile Marketing Watch reports that SMS messages have a 98% open rate. In comparison, email has a lower opening rate of 22%. This demonstrates that candidates are more than four times likely to open a text message rather than an email from an unknown sender.

Easy Use of Maps and Directions

In our personal lives, we are dropping pins to our current location all the time to let friends and family know where we are. Why shouldn’t we be using this aspect in the recruiting process as well? Dropping a pin to the company’s location will reduce stress in the candidate’s hiring process so they can have ease of mind knowing how to navigate to their interview.

Updating and Scheduling Interviews

In recent smartphone updates, sending a date and time through text allows the receiver to save this information directly to their calendar. This makes scheduling interview times even easier to share with candidates. Not only will the candidate be able to save the information to their calendar, but they will also send the recruiter a more immediate response.

Texting Videos for Better Engagement

Videos of company culture and employee testimonials are proven to boost a company’s image. Sending videos to different potential candidates will give them direct access to what it is like to work for your company. And the best part about the videos being sent to their phone is that they can access the video instantly wherever they are!

“For recruiters, texting may soon be the rule and not the exception,” says Robin Erickson, talent acquisition research leader at Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

So why not benefit from something we are all doing anyway? Start getting ahead of the curve by incorporating texting into your company’s recruiting process. Your team and candidates will thank you along the way.

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