Kristina FinsethJune 28, 2017
Topics: Candidate Experience

Google is Changing the Job Search Game (And, for the Better)

If you’ve been following Google recently, you probably already know that their job search feature just went live last week. It’s definitely an A.I. driven game-changer impacting the way candidate’s search for their dream jobs.

How does the feature work?

Instead of visiting multiple job boards like CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, or Dice, you can simply type in a job search query in Google’s search engine bar, and voila – you can see all available jobs pulled together in one convenient place.

From the search results, you have the ability to filter by date posted, type of job (full-time, part-time, corp-to-corp, etc.), state, city, company type, and by individual employers.

You can also view a summary of the position, including the job description details and company ratings via sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Google also has alert notifications for your job search query that you can turn on with the click of a button, emailing available jobs periodically to you.

How’s Google Jobs changing the game?

We’ve all been jobseekers before, and nothing stinks worse than going to multiple sites to try and find out what jobs are available that might be a potential fit. Google aims to take away a lot of these headaches, and here’s a few areas they are already changing the game.

They aren’t trying to wipe out job boards. Let’s be really clear here. The purpose of Google Jobs isn’t to eliminate job board sites.

In fact, Google Jobs feeds off of a lot of these job board sites, and as employers post available opportunities – Google compiles this information into an easily digestible and accurately categorized format for the right talent to find.

Forget about duplicate jobs. On the recruiting site, I can’t even count how many candidates would apply to the same job posting multiple times. Chances are, they found the same job posting on multiple sites, and didn’t realize they were applying to the exact same job with the same company.

As a result of compiling available jobs for users, Google Jobs actually removes duplicate job postings from the same employer, eliminating the possibility of a jobseeker applying to the same job on every site it’s listed.

You can search on any device. Whether or not you are inputting a job search query through desktop or on a mobile device, Google Jobs is available for users. In fact, I’d argue that the mobile version offers an excellent job search experience versus searching on desktop.

So, with a vast majority of jobseekers utilizing mobile devices, it’s well-played by Google to work on making the mobile search experience exceptional.


Have you tried out Google Jobs? What do you think?

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