Devin FosterFebruary 19, 2020
Topics: Candidate Experience

Artificial Intelligence Explained: How It Guides Candidates to the Right Job [Video]

For today’s candidates, a company’s career site is often the first impression they have of that brand. An engaging, intuitive experience that matches job seekers with the right opportunity can drive more interest and applies.

Despite efforts to deliver incredible personalized candidate experiences, many companies are falling short. According to our State of Candidate Experience: 2020 Benchmarks report, only 3% of the Fortune 500 are providing personalized experiences to job seekers on their career sites—which drastically decreases an employer’s chances of converting quality talent.

I recently sat down with one of our product managers, Dan Eggiman, to discuss the role artificial intelligence (AI) plays in career sites, and how it delivers personalized experiences that engage and convert candidates.

Devin: Why don't we bring in one of our candidate experience experts, Dan Eggimann. Dan, good to see you.

Dan: Good to see you as well.

Devin: What are some of the ways that AI is used on career sites in addition to the chatbot?

Dan: The search bar on the career site homepage is a huge use of artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence should be recognizing abbreviations, typos, and similar characteristics. For example, it can understand that “RN” stands for “registered nurse”. So AI is working here to identify all of those connections and allow candidates to get relevant search results—rather than just trying to match different text together.

Devin: Yes. As you were talking about relevant searches, I also thought of relevant jobs. The ability to recommend jobs to candidates, just like an e-commerce shopping experience. An e-commerce website might have a feature that says, “people who bought that, also purchased this” and it recommends similar items. The same thing applies to jobs on career sites, is that correct?

Dan: Absolutely. The vast majority of candidates are actually getting to your career site via the job description page from LinkedIn or from a job board. So they'll see this job description, but what if it's not for them? Is the candidate going to bounce and just leave the page—or can we show similar jobs or other jobs that people also viewed. We can show those to this candidate to prevent them from bouncing and possibly look at a different job.

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