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How Newell Brands Boosted Applications 69% with A New Career Site and Chatbot

Ever use a Sharpie? How about some Elmer’sglue? Maybe a Calphalon pot or some Rubbermaid storage containers? (I use all four almost daily, by the way). These names are synonymous with longevity and quality—characteristics inherent to their parent company, Newell Brands. Newell is the kind of company people want to work at. But showcasing diverse job opportunities for their more than 40 consumer-based brands was a challenge.

The talent acquisition (TA) team knew delivering fresh, inspiring content on their career site was a must. But without an in-house solution that could empower team members to make updates on their own, lag time between changes was costing the company candidates.

At the same time, the team lacked a clear strategy to market to best-fit talent. Simply running highly segmented campaigns across popular job boards wasn’t producing the number of hires they needed, considering the team recruits for all brand positions from the factory floor to the executive level. With low ROI and no hiring or applicant flow analytics to drive optimization, the team knew something had to change.

Addressing Common Pain Points

Newell’s TA team wanted a solution that would enable them to:

1. Control the career site in-house to ensure consistent messaging and on-the-fly flexibility

2. Market to job seekers through highly targeted campaigns

3. View intuitive analytics to improve recruiting strategies

A critical must? Choosing a solution powered with the latest artificial intelligence (AI).

“We move quickly and need our HR technology to help us keep that pace. With Phenom, we know our tech will always be cutting edge.” - Ashley Burns, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Newell Brands

Phenom People’s Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform could give Newell everything they were looking for: career site, CRM, CMS, internal mobility and referrals, analytics, chatbot, and ATS integration. As the team learned more about the platform’s robust targeting and hyper-personalization capabilities, they felt confident they could not only convert more candidates, they could also leverage the technology to streamline and elevate their employee, recruiter and management experiences.

For the full story, read the case study!

Strategies That Work

After implementing Phenom TXM, much of Newell’s strategy involved optimizing their content and its organization and prominence on the career site—and then driving job seekers to it. The creative control of the Phenom CMS and the agility of the Phenom CRM were crucial in building out their landing pages for hard-to-fill roles and then focusing email campaigns to drive ideal candidates to those pages.

Newell Brands career site image of writing division

For example, to promote jobs within Newell’s Connected Home and Security business, they added a customized featured jobs widget and placed it front and center on their career site for maximum visibility. In addition, they included fresh video content to engage visitors on that division’s landing page.

Screen shot of Newell's career site
Video enhances Newell Brands' Connected Home and Security division page on their updated career site.

“Since implementing TXM, our talent community skyrocketed from 300 to 13,000 members.” - Ashley Burns

Results that Speak Volumes

Being able to view the performance of their strategies through Phenom analytics has been a game-changer for the team at Newell. Insightful data including career site traffic, job shares, unsubscribes, and chatbot engagement enables them to continually optimize content and campaign efforts.

In 1 year on the Phenom TXM platform:

  • Number of campaigns increased 72%

  • Apply clicks increased 69%

  • Job seekers increased 31%

And within just 4 months of deploying Phenom Bot, the team witnessed a considerable uptick in activity that unlocked a highly motivated talent pool they didn’t even know existed. In fact, more than 96% of job seekers viewing opportunities through the bot clicked apply.

gif of Newell's chatbot success

Looking Ahead

Moving forward, the Newell team anticipates using Phenom to power their internal mobility efforts to engage and develop their employees. After all, the experience doesn't end once a candidate accepts a job offer.

“We have so much value at our fingertips now. Thanks to the TXM platform, we’re able to attract the right talent and position ourselves as a true market expert.” Ashley Burns

Learn more about Newell Brands’ success with the TXM platform.

Read the full case study here!

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