Jenn ThomasFebruary 29, 2020
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How North Highland Experienced a 60% Increase in Career Site Traffic

In this tight labor market, how do you differentiate yourself from the competition to win top talent? That was a question the TA team at North Highland—a global consulting firm that provides management consulting solutions and delivery consultants for clients’ role-based needs—was asking themselves. The answer, they found, was to transform the candidate experience they were providing job seekers.

Solving a Common HR Problem

An engaging, user-friendly career site that accurately reflects your brand is essential to attracting best-fit talent. North Highland knew they wanted to revitalize their career site with fresh content to make a great first impression. But they realized a face-lift wasn’t enough.

They also needed a way to engage active and passive job seekers through email campaigns and then view accurate analytics to maximize sourcing strategies and candidate conversions.

In addition, the solution needed to integrate completely with their Bullhorn ATS for maximum visibility into the candidate journey.

Sound complicated? Not when you have the right technology solution. Phenom People's Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform now provides North Highland an all-in-one solution to achieve their goals.

For the full story, read the case study!

Streamlining Talent Experience Success

In addition to elevating North Highland’s candidate journey, the TXM platform can enable the team to improve their employee, recruiter, and management experiences for a holistic approach toward recruiting and retention.

Since implementation, the TXM platform helped North Highland to:

  • Improve visibility into untapped talent sources

  • Convert candidates with email campaigns

  • Analyze the candidate journey from career site to ATS

“The seamless integration between our Phenom Career Site and Bullhorn ATS allows recruiters to focus their attention on building relationships with candidates, while the Phenom CRM provides sourcers with an ever-growing pool of engaged talent to nurture. Everyone wins!” - Russ Wallis, Director of Operations at North Highland

As a result, the workload is lightened for everyone involved. The new hyper-personalized career site—which highlights North Highland’s company culture with engaging photography and video employee testimonials—is bringing tailored job recommendations to candidates instead of tasking them to find the right fit.

North Highland career site

The seamless ATS integration and ability to send convenient email campaigns reduces recruiters’ sourcing time and frees them up for tasks that require a personal touch. And through Phenom Internal Mobility & Employee Referrals (a product North Highland plans to use in the near future), employees can quickly submit best-fit candidates from their networks, engaging internal talent and unlocking trustworthy sources of talent pools.

“Before Phenom, North Highland couldn’t capture candidate data. With the TXM platform, we not only capture that data—we can manage it to engage and convert best-fit talent.”
- Chris Stanzione, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at North Highland

With Phenom’s reliable analytics, management at North Highland can also work smarter, putting real numbers behind their sourcing strategies to optimize effectively.

Attaining Phenomenal Results

In just 90 days on the Phenom TXM platform:

  • 52,738 job seekers visited the career site, a 60% increase from the previous 90 days

  • 89% of all site traffic were new job seekers

  • 96% of applications started were completed

Moving forward, the team is eager to build more sourcing strategies with automated recruitment marketing around the globe—a goal they say would be unattainable without Phenom People.

Learn more about North Highland's success with the TXM platform.
Read the full case study here!

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