Regina Ramyata RaoApril 22, 2021
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How a Major Software Company is Saving 24,000 Hours with Phenom Scheduling

In any hiring climate, attracting the right talent faster and retaining existing talent is paramount to a company’s ongoing success. However, HR and talent teams are plagued by numerous disjointed systems, leading to inefficiencies and unscalable manual processes. Many of these functions are error-prone and time-consuming — leading to missed opportunities with candidates and a poorer reputation for the enterprise.

Interview scheduling is one of the most tedious tasks for recruiters, taking up countless hours per week that could be better spent on high-level strategy and more personalized candidate engagement. Between back-and-forth calendar coordination, emails, invites, and reminders — and starting all over again if someone cancels — this very necessary but mundane responsibility can be a headache for even the most successful talent teams.

But with AI and automation, recruiters and hiring managers can save time and hire top talent faster, while improving the experience for everyone. Automated recruiting coordination tools not only make surmounting scheduling obstacles easier, they radically shorten the time to fill positions with next-to-no friction between hiring managers and candidates.

Let’s take a look at how this major software company integrated with Phenom Scheduling to overcome their interview scheduling challenges.

The Road to Efficiency: How One Customer is Saving Time with Automation

Like many multinational corporations of similar size, this software company requires a highly efficient hiring process to fill roles quickly with best-fit talent.

To expedite and streamline the interview process for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers across different regions — without sacrificing quality or personalization — the company relies on Phenom Scheduling to handle 100% of its interview requests.

In less than a year, this software company automated 90% of total interviews, saving 24,000 hours and increasing interviewing efficiency by 75%.

Recruiters and hiring managers initiate interview requests which are then managed by regional TA coordinators. Once triggered, Phenom's automated scheduling assistant lets candidates self-select their ideal time based on real-time team availability. It also supports interview rescheduling, negotiations, and follow-ups, helping the company save time and effort throughout the entire scheduling process.

At the management level, leaders can see invaluable data that corresponds directly to time to fill. Being able to assess the time between an interview request and a hire allows the team to identify and remove bottlenecks for faster hiring and onboarding.

In less than 1 year, significant strides in ROI were evidenced including:

  • 90% of interviews automated
  • 47K+ interviews scheduled in less than 1 year
  • 83% decrease in time to schedule (from 40 minutes to 7 minutes)
  • 24K hours saved
  • 75% increased efficiency
Phenom Scheduling Metrics for a Major Software Company

Simplify Scheduling with Phenom

Another sizable benefit of Phenom Scheduling is its seamless user experience for recruiters using the Phenom CRM.

With its streamlined ATS integrations and hosted-apply process, talent teams can accomplish everything they need to do without toggling between disparate platforms. Automating scheduling from the CRM is as simple as a click of a button, and users can easily sync with calendars in real time, including Google, Office 365, Outlook, Microsoft exchange, and

Providing the much needed muscle for a top-notch end-to-end talent journey, Phenom Scheduling’s automated assistant exceeds expectations for all key talent stakeholders — especially candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. This added advantage gives hiring teams the time to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as recruitment marketing and employer branding to further enrich the overall talent experience.

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