Monica MontesaSeptember 14, 2015
Topics: Employee Experience

How Phenom Employee Experience Empowers Employees & Future-Proofs Organizations

The talent experience doesn’t end once a candidate accepts an offer—it only continues as they embark on a new path as an employee. Phenom Employee Experience empowers your internal talent to identify new opportunities and career paths, develop their skills, connect with colleagues, and easily refer their networks.

Here’s how Phenom Employee Experience helps your employees to discover their true potential:

Internal Mobility: Empower employees to apply for open internal positions, discover professional development opportunities, and refer their networks to open job requisitions.

Gigs: Upskill and reallocate existing talent to critical areas of the business with an internal talent marketplace that lets managers create and post listings for short-term work experiences and projects. Powered by Phenom AI, Gigs will then match the right project with the right employees based on skills fit.

Career Pathing: Provide employees with opportunities to identify future roles, job progression, and the skills required to get there.

Diversity & Inclusion: Foster community and diversity by allowing internal talent to create and join employee resource groups representing various cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and beliefs.

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Built on an AI infrastructure, the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM platform) is a unified solution that personalizes and automates every talent experience for candidates, recruiters, employees, and management. Learn more about TXM.

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