Shane YelicaninJune 04, 2021
Topics: Recruiter Experience

How Phenom Uses Phenom Video Capture

Who could possibly tell your company’s story better than the people who are building it?

User-generated content (UGC) from your employees offers a unique and authentic look at your culture and brand. For job seekers who are considering applying to an open role within your organization, employee stories can also help them determine if it's the right next step in their careers.

And that's exactly why we handed the microphone over to our team to share the news when we announced our Series D round of funding earlier this year.

We wanted to celebrate this milestone by looking inward and celebrating what makes Phenom so special: our people. To make it happen, we posed a couple of questions to our teammates that tied back to our purpose to help a billion people find their right job, as well as the core values that drive them to excel each day:

  • Tell us about how you found the right role for yourself.
  • Describe which of Phenom’s core values resonates most with you.

Employees were encouraged to record their responses via video, and we promoted the campaign internally through email and Slack to drive participation.

Our Process: Using Phenom Video Capture & Campaigns

Videos are great — we all know that! But making them is a whooole process, right? Fortunately, there's a simpler way to create video content that showcases your employer brand.

Enter Phenom Video Capture, a new addition to our platform, that enables recruiters, candidates, employees, and managers to easily record, publish, and share video throughout the talent experience

Using the video capture feature within Phenom, our employees were able to easily record and submit their videos to our recruiting team. To collect the content, we created a new email campaign in the Phenom CRM, and then shared it throughout the company. Within the email, we included additional tips to ensure quality lighting and sound — then we were ready to call, "Lights, Built in web-camera, ACTION!"

Don’t have Video Capture? No problem! You can also capture employee generated content by asking your team to record via Quicktime and upload it to Google Drive or a Dropbox folder. All they have to do is open Quicktime on their desktop and select "New Movie Recording".

Next Steps: Sharing Our Employee Videos

After we received videos from employees, we had the option to share them on our social channels and landing page directly from Phenom CMS with the simple click of a button.

For this campaign, we decided to infuse our employee videos with more Phenom branding. Our video team took all of the video source files and composited them onto branded backgrounds with intro and outro animations. From there, each employee shared their branded video on their own LinkedIn pages.

Once all of our videos were promoted, we created two mash-up-style videos of our favorite clips from each prompt to share on Phenom’s social channels. Ready to check them out? Roll out the red carpet — it's time to premiere!

Prompt 1: Tell us about how you found the right role for yourself.

Prompt Two: Describe which of Phenom’s core values resonates most with you.

Offering a genuine look into your company culture has never been more important, and user-generated videos are one among the easiest and most impactful ways you can do so!

Request a demo to see video capture in action!

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