Kristina FinsethJanuary 06, 2016
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How talent relationship marketing will transform hiring in 2016

2016 promises to be a year of innovation and change in the talent acquisition industry. From traditional recruiting to talent relationship marketing, we are shaking up the game this year to bring phenomenal people and phenomenal companies together. We predict that talent acquisition teams will continue to learn from other aspects of the business (especially marketing) to improve their hiring strategy in 2016.

Creating the Ultimate Talent Relationship Marketing Strategy

To create the ultimate TRM strategy, put yourself in the candidate's shoes. Do you want more candidates to be excited about applying for a job at your company? Start building talent relationships with candidates.

So how do you start developing the ultimate talent relationship marketing strategy that works for you? Start by switching up a few recruiting tactics that could be holding you back for a strategy that is more deeply rooted in Talent Relationship Marketing than recruiting itself.

From Selling to Marketing

The recruiting function will continue to learn from other business functions as well as candidates in 2016. In order to recruit top talent, recruiters should understand that the best talent are 'job shoppers.' 81% of consumers research products and services online first to narrow down their options - so does top talent.

Although candidates may not be your consumers - candidates ARE consumers and if you do not offer enough basic information on your company, candidates will not be inspired or excited to work for your company and that will cause them to move on from your company with second-guessing to apply. In order to build valuable relationships with top talent, recruiters should create and market an employer branding presence across the web so that when a candidate is researching your company, they are met with engaging resources that inform the candidate of what it's really like to work at your company.

Talent Relationship Marketing takes your recruiting strategy to the next level by serving up high-quality, consumer-like experiences that engage potential top talent. Recruiters can monitor a candidate's journey and more actively seek out potential top talent, build relationships based off of their skills and interests, and recruit candidates for positions at their company.

From Sourcing to Engaging

Seeking out new candidates is easier than ever, but the challenge arises when recruiters move from sourcing top talent to engaging top talent. Recruiters spend a majority of their time sourcing from job boards to social media, but when it comes to engagement, recruiters are failing. Recruiters should take ownership of their employer brand as an engagement tool for attracting top talent.

So how do you engage with the best talent and convince them to work for your company? By building talent relationships. When you have a relationship with a candidate that is built on trust, recruiters can more easily engage with potential top talent. Maintain personal communication by reaching out to candidates on a regular basis in order to gage the candidates' interest in a position at your company. Offer candidates relevant, valuable resources that allow the candidate to learn more about working at your company to see whether or not a candidate is a potential fit or not.

From "I think" to "I know."

Deeper analytics and a better understanding of analytics will make a big shift this year as the entire business looks to provide more meaningful insights. By combining science (analytics) and recruiting, talent acquisition teams are empowered to make better hiring decisions.

Companies today want more from their talent, after all, investing in people is one of the most invaluable resources that a company has. Key stats the indicate the overall effectiveness of the recruiting function will help take all of the guesswork out of recruiting. The use of data will help with a lot of the 'heavy lifting' within your recruiting function while also building up an competitive advantage within the market.

2016 proves to be a big year for talent acquisition. By shaking up your recruiting efforts, we predict 2016 to be a phenomenal year!

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