Natalie McKnightSeptember 30, 2020
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The Secret to Creating Budget-Friendly Videos Candidates Can’t Resist

Videos are a highly effective way for recruiters to engage candidates, particularly incoming Gen Z’ers, who essentially grew up downloading and even creating their own, especially considering that 85 percent of the U.S. Internet audiences watches videos online, Nielsen reports.

So you know video is important for conveying your employer brand, but getting started is intimidating. Rest assured that you don’t need an entire production crew or pricey equipment.

During last week’s episode of Talent Experience Live, Phenom’s own Justin Devitt, Digital Marketing Designer (who’s had a camera in hand since middle school) shared tips for recording, editing, and publishing eye-catching videos — plus, the essential equipment you really need, audio and lighting best practices, and more!

Why is video content so important for recruiters?

Video conveys so much more than just text and pictures. Through video, recruiters can bring company cultures to life for job applicants. And with office access still limited for so many employers, video provides a way for candidates to safely experience the look and feel of the workplace.

With thoughtful execution, video is a great medium for capturing employee perspectives and experiences. It can help humanize an organization and infuse authenticity into recruitment campaigns.

Where can I find high-quality footage or images of a geographic location?

Planning to feature the area where your office is located? You don’t have to limit your video to one room (even if that’s all you have available at the moment). With a little searching, you can access free photos and even video footage to make your video more informative and eye-catching. Some of Devitt’s go-to sources include Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.

What are some challenges and pitfalls of DIY video?

The biggest challenges in a DIY video all relate to quality, Devitt says, particularly lighting and sound. In fact, 62 percent of viewers are more likely to have a negative opinion of a brand when they publish a poor quality video.

The following adjustments can make a huge difference:

1. Prevent shaky hands. If you’re recording with a cell phone, invest in a tripod.

2. Create optimal lighting. Small ring lights (available for as little as a few dollars) can be transformative compared to overhead lighting, giving your video a pro-quality look. Natural light is free and quite effective, especially when diffused (e.g., with sheer curtains).

3. Upgrade your sound. If you have the budget, upgrade your microphone. A lavaliere mic or a headset (again, affordable options are widely available online) can provide clearer, crisper sound. Limit distractions and ambient noise, such as air conditioners.

4. Focus on length. Keep in mind that job candidates are busy and won’t devote much longer than a few minutes to watch a video. Shoot for one to three minutes. If you’re struggling to minimize, consider cutting the intro – it’s best to get right to the point. One or two set-up sentences is typically all you need.

5. Film in landscape mode. Another tip for cell phone recording — opt for landscape (horizontal orientation) over portrait, unless you’re recording specifically for SMS and mobile users.

Is it better to record with an inexpensive external webcam, built-in webcam, or camera phone?

Cell phones are a great option for recording a video (if your phone has high-quality camera functionality) — and you can optimize results by following the tips mentioned above.

If you’re planning to record using your computer’s camera, you’ll notice an immediate improvement by upgrading to an external webcam. (Watch Devitt compare and contrast this in the video – you’ll be amazed at the difference!)

What's the best way to store large video files?

Google Drive makes storage a snap, and if you’re planning to make videos public, here are a few suggestions for where to post them:

  • YouTube or Vimeo: People are more willing to link out to a site they recognize. For recruiters at large companies, Devitt suggests dedicating a separate YouTube page to recruiting content so that the intent is clear.
  • Your career site: If possible, posting videos to your career site provides important benefits like improving SEO, enhancing the candidate experience, and increasing the number of shares.

What easy-to-use programs are best for capturing video on a Mac or PC?

You may want to capture content remotely (especially these days), such as clips from a Zoom meeting. Devitt has these tips:

  • QuickTime: The QuickTime player lets you record a whole screen or just a section of a screen.
  • Zoom: It’s possible to record anything taking place over Zoom, and the program offers options to adjust visual and audio settings. For example, you can record an entire meeting, or a specific person. And you can record individual participants’ audio separately to avoid the overlay of everyone talking at once.

What are the best video editing tools?

Video editing software can get quite expensive, but you can achieve professional video results for free — all it requires is a little time to learn the tools. The following programs offer tools for editing and/or effects:

Day-in-the-life videos that highlight the employee experience are an especially powerful form of video content for recruiters. Devitt likes Animoto for this – it features a wide range of templates and tools to drop in clips and images that can be used to capture employee “moments.” These features come with a small monthly charge, but may be worth it if you’re planning several day-in-the-life videos.

What are the best ways for recruiters to brand their videos?

According to Devitt, Animoto is a good choice here as well. He also recommends working with your company’s creative team – they can provide properly branded graphic elements (e.g., logos), and lower thirds for anyone who will be appearing on video. (A “lower third” refers to a caption with a video subject’s name, title, and any other relevant information.)

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