Sasha FedunchakDecember 18, 2018
Topics: Candidate Experience

How to Give Instant, Personalized Job Recommendations

If you’re still guessing what roles would be most appealing to the job seekers visiting your career site, you’re doing it wrong.

You’ve heard it before - “candidates are consumers” - and they don’t want to waste their time consuming or sifting through irrelevant content. Because candidates are already sharing their personal information, social media profiles, and preferences on Amazon, Netflix, and the like, they’re increasingly expecting those same personalized experiences across platforms in their daily lives.

So when it comes to personalized job recommendations, there’s a growing opportunity to do more than just feature custom job alerts or assume candidate preferences based on browsing history and employment background. To really know your potential candidate and to deliver a world-class experience that baits, hooks, and reels them into joining your company, you have to go beyond legacy career site capabilities: You have to ask them what they want.

That’s why with our latest Phenom TRM platform feature, Personalization On-Demand, we enable job seekers to share what matters, so they can get job recommendations that matter most.

Personalization On-Demand delivers instant personalization to candidates willing to share their information. Fully integrated with the foundational artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Personalization On-Demand asks candidates non-invasive questions to tailor the job searching experience with real-time job recommendations.

Here’s how Personalization On-Demand works:

  • Candidate questionnaire: A career site workflow that prompts candidates with a set of questions about their work experience, interests, skill sets and desired location. Asking these questions early in the job search guides talent to the best-fit jobs and puts the candidate in control of the information they wish to leverage in their search.

  • Conversational Bot: A bot that greets and engages a candidate for personalized user experience and job recommendations. A modern avenue for both active and passive candidates which constantly nurtures activity and increases quality applications.

  • Social network sign-in: Provides users with a choice of which social profile to connect. LinkedIn, Facebook or Google enables candidates to interact with the career site on multiple levels. Candidates can choose which social profile best describes their background to deliver their desired role.

  • Résumé upload: Candidates can submit their résumé for parsing. This helps customize job recommendations.

Personalization On-Demand Bot
Personalization On-Demand in action with our Conversational Bot

Personalization On-Demand by Phenom People is another innovative and exclusive way for candidates to find the right job on Phenom-powered career sites. In addition to our already award-winning Career Site personalization features such as job carts, location recognition, and job alerts, Personalization On-Demand offers even more powerful ways for talent acquisition teams to understand, influence, and connect with those candidates.

If you really want to attract engage with your talent and make them feel valued (and trust us, you do), stop assuming and start asking.

To learn more about how Personalization On-Demand can help you offer personalized job recommendations and a better candidate experience, request a demo today.

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