Kristina FinsethApril 07, 2016
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How to harness your inner recruiting super powers with TRM

What happened to the days when people worked at a company for life? This rarely happens today.

Employee retention has become a huge challenge and expense for employers. The current war for talent has forced employers to focus on investing in their employees in order to achieve business success.

Modern recruiters know that in order to attract and hire super talent - that they must harness their inner recruiting super powers to beat out the villains (competitors) and win over more workplace heroes (employees).

Want to hire more heroes? Here's how Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM) can help:

X-ray vision

Imagine if you knew all about your candidates before they even applied to a position. TRM helps recruiters, hiring managers, and every member of your talent acquisition team track candidate intent and more easily collect, target and nurture candidates to find and hire more heroes.

Almost like having x-ray vision, the Phenom Pro Candidate Pipeline creates a profile for each career site visitor. As the visitor interacts with the career site, the profile continues to grow - giving you the ability to target and nurture candidates before they even apply to a job.

recruiting super power trm

Supersonic hearing

Until now, many recruiting strategies and tasks were difficult to measure - causing employers to guess when it comes to evaluating the performance of their career site.

Like supersonic hearing - inviting Phenom Pro Talent Analytics into the recruiting process gives you access to all the information you need to evaluate what's working and what's not working on your career site. Phenom Pro gives talent acquisition teams every stat they need to analyze career site visitor trends in order to fine tune their strategy.


Time freeze

Hiring decisions are very complicated, which is one of the reasons why the time to hire has been lengthening all over the world. Each hiring decision is critical just as the time it takes to make a hire is equally critical.

It seems like there are not enough hours in a day, which is why the Phenom TRM Cloud Platform was designed to work for you. By automating many of the time-consuming tasks related to recruiting, recruiters are enabled to spend more time targeting and pursing more workplace heroes.


Marketing magic

Modern recruiting includes a mix of talent acquisition and marketing strategies. In order to target, attract and sell the right opportunities to the right candidates, employers need to deliver the type of experience candidates expect.

An employer's career site should be the destination for candidates to find out why they should want to work for you. Phenom TRM Cloud leverages the best practices of e-commerce and Customer Relationship Management to create an experience where job candidates can find their dream job and employers can find their heroes.


Recruiters know that they need to be super in order to win top talent over the villains (competitors).

The Phenom TRM Cloud Platform was built to align the objectives, priorities and actions of recruiting in order to put more power behind your recruiting function.

live candidate experience audit webinar

Have you considered conducting an audit of your candidate experience, but are having trouble getting started? We have a solution for you.

Building off of the extreme popularity of the "Auditing the candidate experience" webinar, we are now taking submissions for our LIVE candidate experience audit.

In this webinar, we will choose five companies who have elected to participate and conduct full audits of their candidate experience, using our in-house scoring system.

You can register for the webinar and submit your career site for the Live candidate experience audit via the form below.

LIVE candidate experience audit [Webinar]

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