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A New Era for HR: Phenom Announces Talent Experience Engine, AI Agents, and Additional Product Innovations For Hiring & Retaining Talent at IAMPHENOM

The powerful combination of intelligence and automation fuels talent experiences for talent marketers, productivity experiences for HR leaders, and operational experiences for HRIS teams. The impact of these technologies is clear, and organizations are no longer asking themselves whether or not to adopt AI and automation, but who to partner with.

During the Product Innovation Keynote at IAMPHENOM 2024, Phenom announced a new addition to the Intelligent Talent Experience platform: Talent Experience Engine. This engine builds on a decade of innovation and redefines how talent marketers segment, target, and engage candidates, employees, and alumni.

In addition, transformative X+ Agents were unveiled, expanding on the impact of Phenom X+ to provide AI augmentation for a variety of other HR tasks.

Phenom experts also announced a massive wave of additional innovations for the Intelligent Talent Experience platform that will reinvent how organizations of all sizes across all industries hire, develop, and retain talent.

The Building Blocks of Excellence

For over a decade, Phenom has been committed to developing innovative solutions that enable enterprises to navigate the ever-changing world of HR technology. Delivering experiences across the talent landscape has allowed us to collect a massive dataset for a variety of personas and build a layered framework that powers innovation for HR:

Phenom Talent Data Platform gives organizations a unified profile for every talent stakeholder in their ecosystem, including every interaction throughout the talent lifecycle, starting with the first touchpoint.

Phenom HRIS Experience builds on this foundation by connecting to external data sources. This enables customers to account for additional context, including previous jobs that have been applied to and background check results.

Phenom Ontologies organize massive datasets at the skills, department, and organization levels, providing companies the power to drive hyper-personalization at scale. These building blocks provide impactful data and context, informing decisions that create the best hiring, growth, and retention outcomes.

Talent Experience Engine extends beyond data analysis, giving talent marketers the ability to create content at scale and meaningfully engage a wide range of segments based on job interest, experience, and aspirations. The Talent Experience Engine enhances process orchestration by bringing persona and journey data together (e.g. resume data and hiring process details) to create the best engagement with candidates, employees, and alumni.

Process Mining assesses processes, tasks, and workflows, to determine where clogs exist and provides prescriptive guidance for optimization. For example, a hiring workflow may be performing exceptionally in one geography but underperforming in a different region. This can be detected and improvements can be made to maximize efficiency and impact.

Automation Engine helps organizations configure, monitor, and optimize workflows that power a wide range of talent acquisition and talent management activities. This powerful backend provides detailed insights and the ability to implement automation that reduces the amount of time it takes to fulfill mission-critical tasks (e.g., sourcing candidates, parsing resumes, scheduling interviews, evaluating candidates, and extending offers).

Artificial Intelligence, including Phenom X+ Generative AI, sits at the top of this framework, providing users with an interactive co-pilot to generate content and offload time-consuming tasks.

A New Era for HR: Engines and Agents to Power Talent Experiences

Talent Experience Engine: The Swiss Army Knife for Talent Marketers

Phenom Talent Experience Engine transitions talent marketers from content creators to talent strategists with unparalleled efficiency. By harmonizing large datasets of candidate, employee, and alumni information, Talent Experience Engine identifies, creates, and delivers personalized on-brand campaigns for each individual. Phenom X+ is also woven into the fabric of the engine to provide guidance and expedite creation. This combination sets Talent Experience Engine apart from generic AI and marketing automation products by providing purpose-built tools for HR.

Talent Marketers can leverage Talent Experience Engine to quickly:

  • Create Content: Use Phenom X+ to generate new content, such as landing pages, emails, and SMS — all at scale.

  • Identify Segments: Leverage real-time data from the platform to automatically identify high-performing, relevant segments to target outreach.

  • Build Personalized Journeys: Create a structured engagement plan for candidates, employees, and alumni that serves up appropriate content driven by recommendations based on an in-depth analysis of past performance.

  • Automate Outreach: Identify the best channels (including email, text, chatbot, and events) and timing of messaging for each segment to maximize engagement and conversion.

With this combination of capabilities, Talent Experience Engine can assemble an entire campaign, including: identifying target audience segments, determining their journey for consuming content, and delivering insights to optimize outcomes.

Phenom Talent Experience Engine augments the experience for talent marketers, partnering them with AI to add velocity and precision to their processes. It enables talent marketers to organize internal and external talent pools, see inefficiencies, and apply automation — saving them time when it’s never mattered more.

A New Era for HR: Engines and Agents to Power Talent Experiences

X+ Agents: One Prompt, Exceptional Results

Technology is anything but static, and AI is constantly progressing. Last year’s introduction of X+ Generative AI made it possible for talent practitioners to easily create compelling content. This year, Phenom is taking its GenAI to the next level. With X+ Agents, HR professionals can refine and position X+ to drive maximum impact when engaging talent. Now, X+ Agents can understand, reason, and rapidly complete tasks.

These new agents are built upon the same powerful X+ foundation, layering GenAI models on top of each other. With X+ Agents, multiple GenAI models run at the same time.

When you leverage an X+ Agent, it can understand, reason, and autonomously complete specific tasks with precision. For example, when a user prompts X+ to generate an offer email to be sent to a candidate:

  • One agent generates the content extending a formal hiring decision

  • One addresses the tone in the content, matching the excitement of the moment

  • One positions the content for the specific audience (e.g. a candidate at the end of the interview process)

  • One provides feedback and answers FAQs received by candidates at this stage

X+ Agents are designed to interact and reason with each other, proactively making revisions to the initial prompt. By working together in parallel, the agents drastically reduce the amount of time the hiring team normally spends iterating to deliver a fast, compelling, highly personalized offer message to a candidate, thus improving the likelihood of an acceptance and a great first impression as the candidate takes their next steps to become an employee.

A New Era for HR: Phenom Announces Talent Experience Engine, AI Agents, and Additional Product Innovations Hiring & Retaining Talent

Specialized X+ Agents include:

  • X+ Source, which optimizes the effectiveness of sourcing efforts by streamlining the process of finding best-fit candidates. Simply ask X+ Source what you’re looking for to fill a given role, and it handles the rest by surfacing talent, providing high-quality recommendations, and summarizing what’s most important in the search result, and conducting automatic outreach to establish initial contact.

  • X+ Workforce Intelligence, which connects data interactions from employees, candidates, recruiters, management, and HR teams — including Strategic Workforce Planning and Talent Management professionals — with insight and context to deliver real-time talent intelligence for proactive retention and growth. HR teams and managers can identify skills gaps, create personalized development plans, and designate successors based on data to find the ideal candidate.

As each X+ Agent example illustrates, we have reached a point where AI can be used to uplevel the everyday contributions being made by talent professionals, creating space for humans to apply themselves in the most impactful ways.

A New Era of Experiences

Phenom’s obsession with creating phenomenal talent experiences continues as Phenom announced a new Talent Marketer Experience and Talent Leader Experience.

Talent Marketer Experience empowers talent marketers to craft hyper-personalized content and captivate candidates and employees with unique journeys, driving engagement through advanced applications of AI and automation.

Now talent marketers have a single experience to manage content, design campaigns, create on-brand video content, segment talent, engage through the most effective channels, and put talent stakeholders into journeys that elevate engagement throughout the entire talent lifecycle.

Talent Leader Experience enables recruitment managers to get a comprehensive overview of their organization, gaining insights into individual and team-wide performance.

They have complete visibility into all the jobs their teams are managing and how many candidates their recruiters are interfacing with. X+ Agents provide detailed suggestions on action plans based on hiring type (frontline or knowledge workers) that they can push down to their teams.

Additional Upgrades and Innovations

In addition to Talent Experience Engine, X+ Agents, Talent Marketer Experience, and Talent Leader Experience, Phenom also unveiled additional platform-level enhancements and product announcements.

New Innovations for Talent Acquisition

Advanced Screening utilizes audio, situational judgment-related questions, and call simulation to provide comprehensive insights no matter the situation. Screening enhancements empower hiring teams to make the most intelligent hiring decisions as quickly as possible.

Interview Assistant automatically takes notes, manages questions, and summarizes insights before, during, and after interviews with real-time transcription and summarization capabilities. This enables hiring teams to shift their focus to impactful interactions with candidates. The data that is collected, organized, and analyzed reduces human error, leverages AI in a safe way, and supports them with confident hiring decision-making.

Contingent Talent Hiring enables organizations with strong brand recognition to attract individuals seeking contractor roles. Now with Phenom, companies can easily hire temporary or contingent workers through a seamless job discovery and application process. Supported integrations with multiple Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and payroll providers to enable easy contingent labor onboarding.

Live Events simplify the creation of events for specific industries, including Retail, Hospitality, and Transportation, all within Talent Experience Engine. Automatically target key demographics for recruiting events through email campaigns, SMS messages, and event registration forms. Live Events introduces a personalized lobby experience for virtual events for talent with the ability to review content, attend multiple booths and auto summarize their experience in their inbox.

Phenom Assessments have expanded the existing behavioral and language assessments to include motivation and interest assessments to guide early talent to the right jobs.

X+ Fit Score enables talent acquisition professionals to extend the typical criteria used to formulate fit scores, or customize the scores in the context of the role. This includes:

  • Fit Score+, which leverages rich context from every talent interaction to produce a fit score that improves prioritization and decision-making. Assess candidates beyond titles, skills, and experiences by leveraging external data including employee background, prior interviews, past conversations, performance results, or job levels within a company.

  • Personalized Fit Score, which gives recruiters and hiring managers the flexibility to customize the criteria used to formulate AI-powered candidate scores based on their unique needs. These can include or exclude the typical AI-scored parameters (e.g., skills, location, and experience) in addition to others such as responses to knockout questions or job-specific questions like shift preferences. Hiring teams can also set specific criteria such as an employee’s performance management results or levels within a company.

New Innovations for Talent Management

Frontline Employee Experience introduces a new mobile-optimized solution built specifically for deskless workers. This makes it easier for frontline employees in industries such as Transportation, Retail, Hospitality, and Manufacturing to complete assigned learning, view supervisor assessments and unlock future career opportunities.

Performance Intelligence streamlines coaching, mentoring, and manager 1:1s, allowing managers to automatically capture training and coaching insights, create action items, generate meeting questions, and summarize meetings. This can create follow-up action items, next-step meetings, and training recommendations to help managers and employees continue to advance in their careers.

Embrace the Future of HR

HR professionals have been navigating the evolving landscape of talent acquisition technology for years.

Phenom Talent Experience Engine powered by X+ Agents brings a new level of efficiency, intelligence, and velocity to hiring and retention.

To learn more about the product announcements at this year’s IAMPHENOM, don’t miss our upcoming live event. Register here.

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