IAMPHENOM Session: Exploring Candidate Experience

Derek Herman

“Candidates are consumers, and you always want the candidate to have a great experience. Does that start when they walk in the door? No, it starts days, months before you actually even have an open position.”

-Susan Slater

Recruiters and HR practitioners are the faces of the company. Similar to general managers of a hotel, their first focus is that the job seeker feels welcomed and that every interaction they have with the organization is positive.


Nancy Gray-Starkebaum, VP of Customer Experience at Phenom People will moderate a panel of three speakers at IAMPHENOM; AstraZeneca’s Head of Talent Acquisition, Susan Slater, Analog Devices’ Global Director of Talent Acquisition, Katherine Dahlke, and Foot Locker's Senior Director of Organizational Capability, Alexis Trigo.


During this panel, they will shed light on how to create a compelling candidate experience with marketing campaigns to attract quality talent.



In addition to speaking about the candidate experience, talent acquisition teams need to help develop the employer brand by understanding why people are motivated to join their company and why they are compelled to stay. Recognizing this helps recruiters know what to capitalize on to engage the talent they want.


It’s important to understand why candidates begin exploring a specific company and its open roles. Does it have an innovative product? Is the brand reputation on point? Are the hiring practices well-known for a positive candidate and employee experience? A combination of all these facets could be driving candidates to the company.

Attendees won’t want to miss this session on May 3rd! If you haven’t done so yet, register and come experience all IAMPHENOM has to offer!