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IAMPHENOM Session Highlights: Day 1

Day one of IAMPHENOM has officially come to an end—and to say it was phenomenal wouldn’t do it justice. Today encapsulated everything that makes this conference so incredible, and we’ll all need a few days to unpack everything we've learned from various industry leaders, analysts, inspirational speakers, and CHROs. Whether you were at the conference in the front row or couldn't make it this year, check out our top takeaways of the day!

1. Opening Keynote with Mahe Bayireddi

Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and Co-Founder of Phenom People

To kick off the day, Phenom’s CEO and co-founder Mahe Bayireddi welcomed attendees and introduced a new approach to managing talent today. Setting the tone for the rest of the conference, Mahe discussed Talent Experience Management as the new direction for both the company and HR industry.

2. Managing Life's Choices for Stronger Experiences

Jess Elmquist, CLO & EVP HR, Life Time

The talent economy is in a constant state of change. Companies will win when they change their narrative while staying flexible in the way they approach the work of convincing today's talent that their company is the place to be, grow, and make an impact. How we think as talent leaders, act as talent nurturers, and inspire as mentors and coaches will make the difference long-term in who chooses to work for our companies and why they decide to stay.

3. Keynote with Amy Webb

Amy Webb, Professor, Author, Futurist

In Amy’s latest book, “The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity,” she reveals the pervasive, invisible ways in which the foundations of AI will change our world, and how only nine companies have the capital to utilize it. During her session, Amy shared how many of us misunderstand AI, and how it's up to us to start making changes to ensure AI contributes to a positive future instead of a catastrophic one.

Amy Webb on stage

4. Aligning Organization Culture and the Employee Value Proposition at IDEXX

Giovani Twigge, CHRO, IDEXX Laboratories

According to Giovani, we are at a point in HR today where there are plenty of challenges. But it’s also a time when we can rise as one to find solutions for them. To do so, organizations must embrace innovation, collaboration, and connectedness in their company culture.

Gio Twigge on stage

5. Building trust today for our relationships and organizations

Neil Pasricha, New York Times Bestselling Author

Returning to IAMPHENOM this year, Neil revealed new insights into the importance of trust. Because of the way humans evolved, our brains are trained and programmed to look for the finite, which is one of the first pillars of trust. Then, it’s important to infuse humanity into algorithm experiences—including your experience at McDonald’s. Finally, you must Go All In, Show All In for people to trust you.

Neil Pasricha on stage

6. HR’s New Strategic Role in the New World of Work

Josh Bersin, Analyst and Founder of

This year, talent is the #1 thing on the minds of CEOs. They’re hiring people as fast as they can and trying to grow, but productivity is slowing. To fill that gap, we’re working more hours, getting less sleep, becoming more stressed...And employers are being asked to take responsibility for it. As hard as it is to work right now, the only way companies will be able to grow is through productivity and engagement.

Josh Bersin on stage

7. Southwest Case Study - Making Adoption Stick

Greg Muccio, Director of Talent Acquisition at Southwest Airlines

Investing in a new Talent Acquisition tool can be an exciting step—but driving adoption among your team is a key piece to the implementation puzzle. Greg shared the journey Southwest Airlines took to get their HR teams aligned and using the Phenom platform to its fullest potential.

Greg Muccio on stage

8. Employee Experience Panel Session

Panelists: Kevin Kruse (LEADx), Colleen Truitt (The Hershey Company), Colleen Stratton (SEI), Susan Slater (Phenom People)

Companies always map out the customer journey, but what about employees? Our first panel of the day dove deeper into the employee experience, sharing the biggest challenges organizations face, ways they’re overcoming them, and how engaged employees lead to happier customers, more referrals, and better business.

9. CHRO Challenges & Panel Session

Panelists: Jess Elmquist (Life Time), Giovani Twigge (IDEXX), Nancy Stefanowicz (NFI), Mahe Bayireddi (Phenom People)

To close out a phenomenal first day, our CHRO panel discussed how HR has evolved from business administrators to business partners, and what that means for teams today. Between the ever-changing demands of business and talent, it’s critical that organizations get ahead and remain agile if they want to grow and succeed.

Ready for more? Check out our Day 2 recap of IAMPHENOM 2019.

Samantha Finken

Samantha is in content marketing at Phenom People, where she is passionate about enhancing every talent experience. She also enjoys taking photos, traveling, and bonding with her team. 

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