Kristina FinsethJune 27, 2018
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IAMPHENOM Session Recap: GE Appliances Embraces Agile Recruitment

Shelia Gray, Global Leader of Talent Acquisition at GE Appliances, closed out the first day of IAMPHENOM by talking about the importance of recruitment agility to an organization’s success.

"Is it possible to have too much challenge in one day?" - Peanuts

Before her role at GE Appliances, Shelia worked for multiple organizations over the last 25-plus years, such as Citrix, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Honeywell, and Hanesbrands Inc. As a result of her vast experience, Shelia was able to speak to the many recruitment challenges all companies face no matter what industry, vertical, or size.

Different Companies = Same Challenges

She shared that all organizations face many of the same challenges in the following nine areas of recruitment:

· Workforce Planning

· Sourcing Talent

· Employment Branding

· Candidate Experience


· Compliance/Regulatory

· Global Talent Strategy

· Measuring Performance

· Diversity & Inclusion

Here’s a look at how these challenges are impacting the recruitment process.

Here's a look at how these challenges are impacting the recruitment process.

A New Core Competency is Necessary

In order to combat the many similar challenges faced by all companies, Shelia proposed during her session that recruiting teams need to embody a new core competency. And what is this new core competency? Recruitment Agility.

Recruitment agility refers to distinct qualities that allow individuals to respond rapidly to changes in the internal and external environment without losing momentum or vision.

“Adaptability, flexibility, and balance are three qualities

essential to long-term business agility.”

Accept the Challenges

With the changing landscape and demands, recruitment is going to continue to have new challenges. Shelia ended her session by telling attendees to embrace and accept these obstacles challenges as they come in. Her takeaways included:

Avoid “Shiny objects” – If it feels like a quick fix that will only look good, it’s probably just a temporary cover- up for a deeper challenge that needs to be solved. Understand root causes, and avoid Band-Aids.

Prioritize Impact Resources – Take the time to figure out what your priorities are based on the impact to current resources (people, technology, etc.). Become proficient, and utilize change management and outsourcing to help offset when needed.

Define Your Scope – Although it may seem like it takes more time, take the time to define your scope and stick to it, adapting to any additional challenges along the way.

Listen & Don’t Go at It Alone – Take the time to listen to what’s going on before you make decisions on how to approach the challenges. Know your resources and find internal champions to help your efforts.

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