Kristina FinsethFebruary 24, 2017
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If You're in Recruiting, You Should Follow These Blogs

In order to continue improving your recruiting game, it’s important to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. Whether you want to stay informed, find new methods to recruit more efficiently, or follow what your competition is doing – I’ve compiled this list of must-read blogs you should check out.

Fistful of Talent Born in 2007, FOT is a blog that provides daily insights on HR and recruiting topics from leading practitioners. With a little attitude and snark, it's one of the more entertaining places to obtain information on industry news, trends, and tips.

Recruiting Daily Recruiting Daily has a blog that isn't afraid to "go there." They provide information that questions the status quo of the recruiting and HR industries. According to their website, they have "emerged as one of the industry's most trusted resources for everything related to recruiting, everywhere in the world." I'd have to agree.

LinkedIn Talent Blog Everyone knows LinkedIn as a professional networking site where individuals can create, share, and engage with other professionals. The LinkedIn Talent Blog is full of excellent content, and some of my favorite articles focus on breaking down recruiting and talent acquisition research and reports they've completed.

ERE Recruiting Intelligence ERE Media has several reputable publications in the industry including TLNT for HR professionals, SourceCon for sourcing professionals, and then there's Recruiting Intelligence. They deliver daily information to talent acquisition professionals, from news issues to thought leadership. It's a definite must-have on your reading list.

Glassdoor for Employers Blog Glassdoor is well-known as the place to go when seeking information on company culture, employee reviews, and interview expectations. The blog encompasses posts on best places to work, employee engagement, employer branding, and other key areas in the talent acquisition and HR spaces.

Undercover Recruiter Aside from the catchy name, Undercover Recruiter is a go-to publication for in-house recruiters, agency recruiters, and HR professionals. Since 2009, they have coined themselves as the independent voice of recruitment, uncovering behind-the-scenes of what's going on in the industry. is a one-stop shop for anyone in the recruiting space, and even encompasses some excellent job-seeker targeted articles. With diverse content contributors in tow, there are tons of posts on getting hired, recruiting technology, and recruiting innovation.

Recruiting Life One of my favorite recruiting services companies to follow is Recruiting Social, and their Recruiting Life articles contain tons of useful industry knowledge. Their interviews with talent leaders provide glimpses into best practices at some of the most highly reputable organizations out there. Plus, they recently created Recruitmojis specifically for HipChat and Slack users, and who doesn't love a good emoji?

HRN Blog According to their website, their "HR Tech World portfolio combined rank HRN as the largest Corporate HR Network focused on the Future of Work & Technology." Aside from the amazing conferences and events, their blog covers some hot topics in the areas of HR disruption, employee experience, HR technology, and so forth.

Social Talent Social Talent is an Irish start-up born in 2010 offering an HR and recruiting blog, and a social selling focused blog. It's an excellent place to keep on top of trending recruiting tips and tricks, and best practices in the industry.

TalentCulture Started in early 2010, TalentCulture was created as a dynamic online community for HR professionals and leaders. On the blog, you'll find expert contributors covering topics in social media recruiting, branding, social learning, talent development, and thought leadership.

Indeed Blog Indeed is a well-known spot for job-seekers on the hunt, and for recruiters sourcing for talent. Their blog is a fantastic read, jam-packed with articles written by some pretty intelligent Indeed employees on topics like labor market news, HR best practices, and the latest research from the Indeed Hiring Lab.


Do you have any blogs to add to the list?

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