Tom TateApril 08, 2020
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Introducing Phenom Gigs: An Internal Talent Marketplace

Is your organization’s resiliency being tested by unplanned social and economic shifts?

When responding to sudden changes, such as a pandemic or emergency, high-performing teams have a unique opportunity to shift their focus inward, embrace gig work, and tap into the potential of existing talent. Upskilling employees and promoting internal mobility will strengthen organizations for months and years to come, long after uncertain situations stabilize.

Phenom Gigs, an internal talent marketplace, is now available in Phenom’s Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform. With this release, managers can create and publish listings for short-term work experiences, tasks, and projects. These discoverable “gigs” are then shared in an internal job board that can be accessed by employees.

Phenom Gigs empowers teams to reach a new level of agility. By leveraging the gig-work model internally, managers can quickly match their top internal talent to critical projects that will produce real value, especially in challenging times.

Unlock Internal Agility

Screenshot of Phenom Gigs

In a reactive environment, quickly delivering the right value is paramount.

Gigs can be so much more than a list of common recurring projects or tasks. As work conditions change, or demand for new products or services rises, gigs allow managers to explore new and novel tasks or task categories.

The ability to spin up and crowdsource relevant gigs helps organizations mobilize their workforce, rally around opportunities for growth, and find the right internal fit faster and produce work that matters.

Foster Remote Collaboration, Productivity, and Transparency

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 30 percent of the U.S. workforce claim that they’re able to work remotely. That’s 41.6 million workers! Even more are unexpectedly attempting to work from home amidst a global response to COVID-19.

Being removed from offices, factories, and traditional workplaces, many employees are placed in situations where they can’t carry out their traditional roles and tasks. Managers seek to equip their employees with valuable projects that can be completed anywhere.

As organizations and their teams adapt to distributed working, creating remote-friendly gigs can elevate projects and skills that can be shared with displaced workers. Phenom Gigs provides an easy-to-use solution to transparently communicate available projects and encourage remote productivity.

Relevant remote work opportunities can also help employees feel valued and stay engaged in trying times.

Upskill and Enrich Existing Talent

Without access to formal training or informal in-person learning opportunities, managers and employees must find new ways to promote upskilling and career advancement.

Phenom Gigs allows managers to list the skills required and obtained for each gig. If your team has the opportunity to take a “skills inventory” and conduct a skills gap analysis, gigs can be used to create on-the-job experiences that deliver real-world skills that fill the gaps.

Consistently leveraging gig work to upskill employees can future-proof your business, especially as organizations move from a reactive response to sudden changes to a more proactive position.

Reduce Outsourcing Costs

A common response to an economic downturn is to immediately trim expenses. For many, that means cutting back on outsourcing common projects or tasks, or reducing a team’s headcount by way of furloughs or layoffs.

Before investing budget in external contractors, consultants, or freelancers, tap your internal team to discover who’s most skilled and available to take on short-term work.

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Unleash the Talent Within

Tap into your existing talent today with Phenom Gigs. Increase your organization’s agility, support internal mobility, fill your skills gaps, engage remote employees, and discover new ways to thrive as we all navigate new changes and challenges.

To learn more about Phenom Gigs and develope a strong internal gig program, join our live webinar Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 2pm ET / 11am PT. Save your spot today!

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