Monica MontesaApril 24, 2019
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Introducing Talent Experience Management: The Key to Transforming the Talent Journey

It’s no secret that organizations are failing to meet the demands of candidates and employees.

Today’s talent economy is a different beast than it was years ago. People are no longer job hunters, sifting through newspaper ads. They’re talent consumers who care just as much about the journey as they do the destination.

Before even considering applying to a job, candidates want to know everything a company stands for and offers. If they feel aligned, they want the application process to be simple, and they want to know what happens after they ship off their resume.

Employees, on the other hand, want to feel valued and empowered by internal growth opportunities.

For talent, it all comes down to their experiences with a company—and if those companies want to keep up, it’s critical that they deliver. Despite investing billions in new HR technology, today’s talent leaders struggle to transform the stereotype of their organization from a cost center to a revenue generator.

That’s why we’re introducing Talent Experience Management (TXM), the holistic approach and platform to connect every interaction throughout the talent lifecycle by delivering personalized experiences for candidates, recruiters, employees, and management.

What is Talent Experience Management?

Talent Experience Management (TXM) is a methodology and platform that unifies technology and experience design to enhance the talent journey, turning interested candidates to thriving employees to enthusiastic brand advocates, while helping recruiters and management boost productivity and communicate seamlessly.

Talent Experience Management connects the four key experiences of Candidates, Recruiters, Employees, and Management. TXM helps:

  • Candidates find the right job, where they will succeed for a long time

  • Recruiters be more productive, finding more quality candidates

  • Employees evolve into the best talent, enabling their careers to flourish

  • Management get the insights they need, allowing them to make smarter business decisions

How Does TXM Enhance The Talent Journey?

By unifying the experience for candidates, recruiters, employees, and management, TXM enables organizations to enhance every moment throughout the talent lifecycle. Take a look at the diagram below to see how every journey is connected.

How TXM Works

A candidate begins their journey by looking for a job. As they move along, they discover an opportunity, receive a personalized experience, become engaged with the company, and eventually accept an offer.

This is where the employee journey starts. From their first day, the employee becomes aligned with the company. If they have positive experiences, they’ll turn into a brand advocate and embrace upskill opportunities to grow.

In parallel, the recruiter and hiring manager are moving along their own journies. To keep the talent pipeline moving, recruiters spend time planning the position, as well as sourcing, screening, assessing, and nurturing candidates up until they extend an offer. In their experience, the right technology is critical for hiring top talent efficiently.

A hiring manager begins their journey when they first identify the budget for a new position and work with the recruiter to get the description posted. From there, it’s all about engaging talent, leading interviews, and helping new employees adjust to the company and develop. Just like the recruiter, hiring managers and talent leaders rely on technology to inform their strategies and grow their teams.

To enhance each experience, organizations must embrace personalization at every interaction.

What Talent Experience Management Delivers

When adopted, TXM delivers a higher level of talent quality by aligning the objectives, priorities, and actions of candidates, recruiters, employees, and management. TXM brings your entire recruitment funnel together, from attracting visitors to converting applicants to transforming employees into brand advocates. For talent, it delivers the exact information and experience they’re looking for. For organizations, it drives operational productivity, automates key processes, and equips recruiters and managers with the tools they need to nurture talent.

In the end, TXM enables everyone involved to make better, smarter decisions as they search for the right job or talent. And that’s what TXM is all about.

The Talent Experience Management Toolkit

To make it happen, you need the right technology at your disposal. Here are the tools that will empower you to personalize all touchpoints across each experience:

TXM Toolkit

To enhance the candidate experience, talent leaders should make the discovery and application phase engaging and stress-free. With personalized Chatbots and Career Sites, job seekers are offered tailored job recommendations and content, and then enjoy a seamless apply process. University Recruiting ensures candidates have the opportunity to discover phenomenal companies in person, creating additional experiences that influence them to apply.

To streamline the recruiter experience and boost productivity, recruiters can utilize intelligent candidate fit scoring and other AI-powered insights to identify top talent faster in a CRM. They can also easily create SMS and email campaigns to nurture candidates on a more personal level, increasing engagement at each stage of the recruiting process.

To strengthen the employee experience, internal talent can use Internal Mobility & Referrals to discover relevant job recommendations, identify new career paths, and tap into their professional networks to refer candidates to open positions. An automated chatbot further personalizes the experience, helping employees find the right job, sign up for events, make referrals, and get answers to their most pressing questions.

To empower the management experience, leaders can evaluate metrics and talent journey data to identify gaps in the process and optimize strategies. Talent Analytics, forecasting, dashboards, and reporting enable company stakeholders to make agile decisions and improve talent experiences from the top down.

Redesigning the Talent Experience with Phenom

While each of these technologies works great on their own, everyone benefits the most when they’re connected. That’s why we transitioned our product from Talent Relationship Marketing to Talent Experience Management (TXM), a single platform for every talent experience.

Embracing the TXM methodology and Phenom TXM platform empowers you to better connect with quality candidates and employees through personalized experiences, delivering top talent and driving ROI.

This is only the beginning of a new era—and we hope you’ll join us as we get closer to delivering phenomenal experiences that connect companies with the right talent.

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