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Introduction to TRM: webinar wrap-up

January 2016's Phenom People Webinar is an introduction to Talent Relationship Marketing presented by our CEO Mahe Bayireddi.

Getting a job is a big deal. Mahe began his presentation by sharing a bit of his inspiration behind the creation of Phenom People Talent Relationship Marketing. The story begins in India where Mahe grew up and he describes that when he was a kid, friends and relatives would often visit him and leave him with the advice: "study well and get a good job." His father also had similar plans for Mahe and often told people that his son would one day grow up to give jobs to thousands of people. He recalls his father saying this almost 6,000 times before his big move to the United States. This is something that will always stay with him.

Whatever Mahe does in life is inspired by his goal to create jobs by empowering people to find the right jobs. Mahe's passion is the same passion that fuels the team behind Phenom People. We are creating a platform to help every enterprise to really hire the right people at the right time. So how do we plan to do this?

The battle for talent is on.

Losing the talent battle is not an option for any enterprise. That's because we know that it's phenomenal people that really build phenomenal companies. We also know that phenomenal people expect phenomenal experiences. So why does the talent experience at most companies today feel more like standing around in TSA lines at the airport for hours? Is that how companies are going to continue to grow and acquire A-players? We really don't think so.

It's time to stop recruiting. Think about how we all have changed. The online consumer has changed and therefore they expect the online experience to evolve to continue to meet their needs, but this is not the case. User experiences are continually changing and shaping the way we experience new things.

Watch our webinar to learn how Talent Relationship Marketing can help your company attract, engage and convert your ideal candidates in less time and for lower cost.

Compare the experiences of searching for a job to purchasing a pair of shoes on Zappos. When buying products online, consumers are constantly looking for help and direction. When searching for a pair of shoes on Zappos, you are shown a video for every pair of shoes they sell. There are customer reviews and multiple image views for every pair of shoes so that you know exactly what you are buying. When you are looking for a job, wouldn't you also want to know exactly what you are really getting? A lengthy job description is not only not convincing to most top talent but also extremely confusing.

Candidates today aren't job hunters.

They're savvy shoppers.

Think about how you watch TV shows and movies. You log on to Netflix and watch a movie. When you come back for a second visit, you are immediately met with four other movie suggestions based on your history and interests. If you go to Spotify and listen to three songs, Spotify instantly recommends 70 other songs to listen to in the same genre. Now if you go to a company's career site to search for a job and come back later - what happens? Nothing. The same exact home page stares you in the face. This has to change and is going to change.

Candidates are no longer job hunters but rather savvy shoppers. Enterprise talent acquisition software has not changed in the last 15 years creating a candidate-hostile experience.

A perfect storm of factors

what is trm

Talent acquisition is not going to fix itself. It needs help. day, we had a simple, but powerful "AHA!" There is no difference between marketing and selling a product - or a job. What many successful companies, like Amazon for example, have realized in the last 20 years is how people buy. So why not apply the same process towards job seeking and build an automatic lead generating CRM which could generate candidates automatically on the fly through people detection and predictive intelligence. So we did.

We created a new category: Talent Relationship Marketing. Talent Relationship Marketing empowers candidates to find the right jobs and makes recruiters more productive. Our Talent Relationship Marketing platform combines e-commerce marketing and CRM best practices with predictive intelligence to reduce cost per hire and increase quality of hire.

Ford Pinto VS Tesla

What is existing today: ATS & Talent Communities are more like the Ford Pinto. The Ford Pinto was built with the best technology available at the time. People bought it but most people don't use it - this is the same state of talent communities and ATS'. Talent Relationship Marketing is an intelligent product which is more like a Tesla. It is constantly being upgraded with new software which changes to better connect with humans and improve their experiences. The Tesla experience represents what Talent Relationship Marketing offers.

what is trm webinar

Talent Relationship Marketing shifts from a recruiter-centric approach to a candidate-centric approach. Could your organization benefit from Talent Relationship Marketing? Visit your company's external career site and apply for a job. Then ask yourself - was that a phenomenal experience?

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