Kristina FinsethFebruary 10, 2016
Topics: Candidate Experience

Is your career site good enough?

Attraction is increasingly becoming a strategic initiative for employers, which means that the candidate experience is beginning to improve. Companies realize that to be an attractive brand to consumers, they must also find ways to be attractive in the minds of potential job candidates. The attractiveness of an organization accompanied by their employer brand can be the driving force behind the candidates' journey.

What impacts an employer's attractiveness? The Talent Board surveyed over 100,000 candidates from over 200 companies to find out what candidates valued most when looking into a company. Almost two-thirds (64%) of candidates answered that a company's career site is the most valuable resource when searching for a job.


How do employers effectively show candidates that working on their team would be great match? Marketers have demonstrated their value for many years through the use of nurturing to actively listen to what consumers want and need in a product and then use this information to influence consumers through the buyer's journey. Today's recruiters should apply similar methods to communicate with candidates and attract them to desire an opportunity to work at their organization. Candidates value an employer's career site as the most valuable recruiting resource, but what are they looking for?

  1. Values - 41.8%
  2. Products & Services - 36.6%
  3. Employee Testimonials - 34.9%
  4. Answers to why people work there - 30.8%
  5. And why they stay 23.7%

By taking these items that candidates are most interested in learning about, adding the items to your career site, and continually updating this content, you are actively engaging with candidates and attracting top talent to desire a position at one organization over another. Recruiting-as-usual will damage every aspect of your business, which is why you should be continuously monitoring and updating this information.

For more information on Talent Board's 2015 North American Candidate Experience Research Report and to download the full CandE results, click here.

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